kinoauroville_kabaret_sqDear Kino friends,

Auroville Film Festival 2017 and MMC/CP are organising the first Kino Kabaret in Auroville. This will be a trial session to the Kino Kabaret that will be part of the Film Festival in December where the idea is to invite filmmakers from other Kino cells to create films.
The first Auroville Kino Kabaret will last 50 hours, from Friday the 8th of September at 2pm at Centre d’art Citadines until Sunday the 10th of September at 4pm, followed by the screening of the films at MMC/CP at 5pm.

To register, send an email to kino [at] with the subject line “First AV Kino Kabaret” and the following information: name, email contact, phone number, what role (director/cameraperson/sound/editor/actor/performer/tailor/carpenter, etc.) interests you, and which equipment you have, if any.

Kino Auroville Team