Official Selection in the international category “films that develop the theme of human unity”

All That Breathes

2022, India, Documentary, Hindi (with English subtitles), 94 minutes

Screening on: Monday 22nd January, 19:30 – Cinema Paradiso


In one of the world’s most populated cities, two brothers — Nadeem and Saud — devote their lives to the quixotic effort of protecting the black kite, a majestic bird of prey essential to the ecosystem of New Delhi that has been falling from the sky at alarming rates. Amid environmental toxicity and social unrest, the ‘kite brothers’ spend day and night caring for the creatures in their makeshift avian basement hospital. Director Shaunak Sen (Cities of Sleep) explores the connection between the kites and the brothers who help them return to the skies, offering a mesmerizing chronicle of inter-species coexistence.

Director: Shaunak Sen

Executive Producer: Sean B., Carroll David, Guy Elisco

Producer: Teddy Leifer, Aman Mann, Shaunak Sen

Associate Producer: Guy Horlock, Sam Stanley

Consulting Producer: Joshua Oppenheimer

Co-producer: Florrie Priest

Production Company: Rise Films

Assistant Camera: Sundarram Arjun, Raju Biswas, Salim Khan

Sound Recordist: Moinak Bose

Additional Sound Recordist: Prasenjit Das

Mix Stage Engineer: Simon Ellegaard

Associate Sound Effects Editor: Shashank Kothari

Audio Description Writer/Narrator: Ketan Majmudar

Additional Sound Recordist: Ramandeep Malhotra

Senior Sound Design Consultant: Susmit Nath

Additional Sound Recordist: Anurag Pant

Re-recording Mixer: Jacques Pedersen

Sound Designer / Sound Recordist: Niladri Shekhar Roy

Foley Artist and Editor: Yuki Shizuoka

Dialogue Editor: Seby Varghese

Editor: Charlotte Munch Bengtsen        

Co-Editor: Vedant Joshi

Associate Director: Rohan Ranganathan

Chief Assistant Director: Siraj Sharma

Second Unit Director, Assistant Director: Vedant Joshi 

Cast: Salik Rehman, Mohammad Saud, Nadeem Shehzad



2023, Italy, Documentary, Italian (with English subtitles), 64 minutes

Screening on: Saturday 27nd January, 19:34 – Outdoor Venue


The voices of 14 migrants leaving their home, moving through Libya, and arriving in Italy after crossing the Mediterranean Sea merge into a single story, representing thousands of other narratives lost beneath the sea.

Director: Stefano Poggioni, Claudia Cataldi, Elena Poggioni

Producer: The Factory PRD

Production Company: The Factory PRD

Script: Stefano Poggioni, Claudia Cataldi, Elena Poggioni

Music: Giovanni Magaglio

Animation: Pietro Elisei


Aware: Glimpses of Consciousness

2021, Germany, Documentary, English, Nepali, Spanish (with English subtitles for Nepali and Spanish only), 102 minutes

Screening on: Thursday 25th January, 20:13 – Outdoor Venue


AWARE opens as a science film but emerges well beyond the explicable, ultimately leading one on a voyage upon the ocean of consciousness, a contemplative, sensual, cinematographic meditation. The networks of consciousness are reflected in ‘grand’ imagery revealing the vast interconnectedness of Nature – from the smallest organisms, to the world of plants and animals and on to the cosmos. It invites one to experience the awe and mystery of life as the researchers do, to dive in with them, returning to see the world anew, to review long-held beliefs and assumptions and initiate one’s own oceanic journey. Ultimately, to be aware one is aware. 

Director: Eric Black, Frauke Sandig

Producer: Frauke Sandig

Production Company: Umbrella Films

Script: Redaction by Nicole Baum

Cinematography: Eric Black

Sound Mixer: Martin Grube

Sound Designer: Niklas Kammertöns

Dialogue Editor: Thomas Wallmann

Musicians:  Causeyoufair, David Hykes, Zoe Keating, Jörg Seibold

Grader: Matthias Behrens

Supervising Editor: Sven Heußner

Editors: Rune Schweitzer, Franziska von Berlepsch

Cast: Richard Boothby, Mary Cosimano, Justine Fritz, Monica Gagliano, Roland Griffiths, Christof Koch, Josefa Kirvin Kulix, Matthieu Ricard, Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche

Website: ;

Bangla Surf Girls

2021, Bangladesh, Documentary, Bengali (with English subtitles), 86 minutes

Screening on: Wednesday 24th January, 20:27 – Outdoor Venue


“Bangla Surf Girls” is an immersive documentary capturing the journey of young girls in a Bangladesh slum who join a local surf club to seek freedom from a life of hardship. The film showcases their struggles, triumphs, and determination, leading to an international competition in India, demonstrating the strength of community amidst poverty’s confines.

Director, Cinematography: Elizabeth D. Costa

Production Company: InSync Media

Producer: Elizabeth D. Costa, Lalita Krishna

Executive Producer: Vijay Vaidyanathan

Production Assistant: Md. Sukkur

Additional Camera: Hira Azad, Shahadat Hossain, Kenneth Woo

Camera Assistant: Jewel, Jishan, Md. Sukkur

GoPro Operator: Md. Mannan, Rammohan Paranjape, Md. Roshid, Md. Sagar, Md. Sukkur

Drone Operator: Joeri van der Well

Script: Lalita Krishna

Sound: Elizabeth D. Costa, Masrur Rahman

Additional Music: Lydia Ainsworth

Re-recording Mix Supervisor / Sound Designer: Grant Edmonds

Editing: Matthew E. Cohn, Jordan Kawai

Translations: Tanveer Abid, Mily Chowdhury, B.H. Jowal Chy, Sabiha Hosnine, Tanazzum Kaiser, Arafat bin Kashem,

Leonard Perera, Mahbubur Rahman, Zana Shammi

Location Production Accounts: Bridget D. Costa

Footage Organization, development Phase: Sagar Sarwer, Zana Shammi

Cast: Suma Akhtar, Ayesha Akter, Rifa Akter, Rashed Alam, Shobe Meheraz


Dagh Dagh Ujala (This Stained Dawn)

2021, Pakistan, Documentary, Urdu (with English subtitles), 90 minutes

Screening on: Tuesday 23rd January, 19:30 – Cinema Paradiso


Detailing the preparation of the multi-city Aurat March (Women’s March) in Pakistan, This Stained Dawn tells the story of a feminist movement asserting itself in the country’s urban spaces through the eyes of the march’s organizers.

Director & Producer: Anam Abbas

Producer: Other Memory Media

Cinematography: Roger Goula, Anam Abbas, Haya Fatima, Iqbal Gul, Nayani Tazeen, Bari Mahnoor Mahar, Sadia Khatri

Director of Photography: Anam Abbas, Ben Bernhard, Riju Das, Saumyananda Sahi

Editor: Omar Majeed

Online Editor: Darren Hinchy 

Colorist: Arlene Moelker, Mahak Gupta

Assistant Colorist: Prithvi Buddhavarapu, Aaryaman Kutty

Supervising Colorist: Sidharth Meer

Additional Editor: Ayelet Gil Efrat, Daphna Keenan, Michal Oppenheim, Walter Solon

Production Counsel: Dermot Desmond 

E&O Insurance: Paul Hillier 

Production Assistant: Krishna Khakhria

Science Editor: Aileen O’Hearn 

Post-Production: Sim Canada

Production Counsel: Russell Smith

Original Score: Rahema Alam

Vocals: Aliya Rasheed

Narrator: Kulsoom Aftab

Animation: Aziza Ahmad


Do Not Feed the Pigeons

2021,UK, Stop-Motion Animation, 9 minutes

Screening on: Friday 26nd January, 20:10 – Outdoor Venue


At a desolate coach station during the wee hours, a group of weary and isolated travelers awaits the last coach. Amidst the cold and gloomy atmosphere, the resident pigeons orchestrate a magical connection among these individuals for a fleeting yet beautiful moment.

Director: Antonin Niclass

Producer: Jordi Morera

Writer: Vladimir Krasilnikov

Cinematography: Taylor Shulin

Animation: Shirel Lebovich, Ollie Griffiths

Sound Design: Joe De-Vine

Composer: Fabio Amurri

Editing: Lorene Dewett

Production Designer: Eve Finnie

Model Maker: Agatha Roudaut


Jhini Bini Chadariya (The Brittle Thread)

2021, India, Fiction, Hindi, Bhojpuri, Hebrew, English (with English subtitles), 97 minutes

Screening on: Saturday 27nd January, 20:15 – Cinema Paradiso


The ancient city of Varanasi, India, serves as home to Rani, an orchestra dancer, and Shahdab, a traditional Muslim saree weaver. Rani, a strong-willed mother to her deaf daughter, and Shahdab, a shy weaver, encounter a new world through an Israeli backpacker, Adah. Rani’s complex relationship with her father, Baba, and Shahdab’s unlikely friendship with the traveler, pave the way for self-discovery in cultural and political identity.


Director: Ritesh Sharma

Producer: Visvesh Singh Sehrawat

Co-Producer: Abhinav Pareek, Sampat Singh Rathore, Ritesh Sharma

Line Producer: Vishwanath Tiwari

Production Company: Hardhyaan Films

Co-Production: Veda Film Factory

Screenplay and Dialogue: Ritesh Sharma

Cinematography and DOP: Priyashanker Ghosh

Sound Effects Editor: Rahul Gujar

Sound Recordist: Mangesh Jadhav

ADR Mixer, Sound Editor: Akshay Sathe

Sound Design and MIx: Piyush Shah

Boom Operator: Faeez Shaikh

Editor: Bhisma Pratim 

Color Grading: Shashank Jha

Associate Director: Ashish Kumar

Third Assistant Director: Vinod K Maurya

First Assistant Director: Rahul Raina

Second Assistant Director: Gaurav Singh

First Assistant Director: Vishwanath Tiwari

Colorist: Shashank Jha

Associate Writer: Shailendu Kumar

Festivals and Publicity: Chaitanya Tulsyan

Cast: Megha Mathur, Muzaffar Khan, Sivan Spector, Syed Iqbal Ahmed, Roopa Chaurasiya, Nishant Kumar, Shweta Nagar, Ashutosh Singh, Utkarsh Srivastava


Manikbabur Megh (The Cloud and the Man)

2021, India, Feature Film, Bengali (with English subtitles), 96 minutes

Screening on: Friday 26nd January, 20:30 – Outdoor Venue


In artful black and white, “The Cloud and the Man” (Manikbabur Megh) delves into a surreal and philosophical exploration centered around a recently-bereaved middle-aged man and his unexpectedly intricate yet meaningful relationship with a cloud.

Director: Abhinandan Banerjee

Assistant Director: Susmita Biswas

First Assistant Director: Chandrika Chandran

Producer: Bauddhayan Mukherji, Monalisa Mukherji

Production Company: Little Lamb Films

Story, Screenplay: Abhinandan Banerjee 

Dialogue: Abhinandan Banerjee, Bauddhayan Mukherji

Cinematography: Anup Singh

Gaffer: Deepak Kanojiya

Assistant Camera: Atanu Mandal, Agnijita Mukherjee

Sound Editor: Muppala Kiran Kumar 

Re-recording Mixer / Sound Designer: Tenny 

Editor: Abhro Banerjee

Costume and Styling: Monalisa Mukherji

Cast: Chandan Sen, Debesh Roy Chowdhury, Bratya Basu, Nimai Ghosh, Arun Guhatharkurta


Persona [no] Humana ([Non]-Human Person)

2022,Spain-Argentina, Documentary, Spanish (with English subtitles), 109 minutes

Screening on: Friday 26nd January, 20:08 – Cinema Paradiso


Sandra and Cecilia, two great apes living in terrible conditions in Argentine zoos, become the focus of a legal battle led by NGO Proyecto Gran Simio and a team of Argentine lawyers. The objective: to secure recognition of three fundamental rights for these apes—life, liberty, and freedom from torture. Against them stand zoo managers with ties to animal trafficking, driven by economic motives. Candela, a photojournalist, investigates to highlight the scientific and evolutionary similarities between humans and the apes.

Director: Alejandro Cuéllar, Rafa G. Sánchez

Executive Producer: Xavier Crespo

Production Company: DACSA Produccions

Script: Alejandro Cuéllar, Rafa G. Sánchez

Camera Operator: Juan Meseguer Navarro

Sound Mixer: Fabio Pécoro 

Sound Designer: José Serrador Villanueva 

Mixing Engineer: Tomás Santibañez Bustos 

Music Mastering: Pablo G. Schuller 

Score Mixer: Tom Bailey 

Score Engineer: Mat Bartram 

Score Coordinator: Ed Marquis 

Editor: Estefanía Mora

Production Secretary: Lucía Ros Serra

Unit Production Manager: Kate Brower

Second Unit Director: José María de Luxan

Cast: Candela Moreno


Sędziowie pod presją (Judges Under Pressure)

2022,Poland, Documentary, Polish (with English subtitles), 85 minutes

Screening on: Thursday 24nd January, 20:25 – Cinema Paradiso


They were taught to speak only through their decisions, maintain distance, and engage in public life with restraint. Yet, professional ethics demanded that they boldly defend judicial independence. Kacper Lisowski and Iwona Harris spotlight Polish judges who upheld ethics during the assault on free courts. Judges like Igor Tuleya, Waldemar Zurek, and Dorota Zabludowska emerged as judge-citizens defending independent courts alongside prosecutors, lawyers, and civil society.

Director, Script, Cinematography: Kacper Lisowski

Producer: Iwona Harris

Production Company: Lollipop Films

Editor: Bartosz Pietras, Marcin Sotysik


Siege in the Air

2022, India, Documentary, Kashmiri (with English subtitles), 30 minutes

Screening on: Tuesday 23rd January, 21:15 – Cinema Paradiso


“Siege in the Air” delves into the lives of women in Indian Administered Kashmir, unraveling the experiences of perpetual uncertainty and continuous lockdowns, especially focusing on the aftermath of the 2019 communication blockade post the abrogation of Article 370. It weaves together their memories to paint a vivid portrayal of life under such circumstances.

Director, Producer, Writer: Muntaha Amin

Production Company: Not specified

Cinematography: Ghania Siddique

Sound: Mohammad Fibin

Music: Reneesh Basheer, Vimal Nazar

Color: Thamjeedh

Solidarity Crime

2022, Switzerland-Spain-Argentina-Italy-France-Morocco, Documentary, Spanish, Italian, French, Arabic (with English subtitles), 54 minutes

Screening on: Thursday 25nd January, 19:30 – Cinema Paradiso


Across Europe, civilians face severe penalties, including hefty fines and lengthy imprisonment, for providing humanitarian assistance at the continent’s borders. This documentary, filmed in fourteen cities across five countries, follows individuals committed to aiding refugees, highlighting the criminalization of humanitarianism and its impact on democratic EU values.

Director, Writer, Cinematography, Producers: Nicolás Braguinsky Cascini, Juan Pablo Aris Escarcena

Production Company: Mandorla Films

Sound Design: Wilmer

Design & Art: Agustin Merlo

Cast: José Antonio “Onio” Reina, Kristina Touzenis, Cédric Herrou, Bastien Stauffer-Cart, Abdul Jalil Isah, Vander & Farmarco, Ousmane Biaback Anoung, José Palazón, Esteban Velázquez, Omar Naji, Alikhali Leigh, Seikou Fofana, Faousto Melluso, Giovanni Maiolo, Luca Quirolo Palmas, Nino Trillo, Julia Melichar, Delia Bounuomo, Manuela Vanzonneveld, Ana Elena Altuna, Roberta Ferruti, Angela & Rosina, Insa Moussa Ba Sané, “Didi”, Ruby Katz


The Great Indian Kitchen

2021, India, Feature Film, Malayalam (with English subtitles), 101 minutes

Screening on: Monday 22nd January, 20:17 – Outdoor Venue


Post her marriage, a woman endeavors to conform to society’s conventional expectations for married women. However, she gradually realizes that this prescribed life is not the one she desires.

Director: Jeo Baby

Associate Director: Swathi R

Production Company: RDC Media

Executive Producer: Omsaran

Producers: Durgaram Choudhary, Neel Choudhary

Script: Jeo Baby

Cinematography: Balasubramanyam

Sound Designer: A. SathishKumar

Editor: Leo John Paul

Cast: Yogi Babu, Kalairani, Poster Nandakumar, Mekha Rajan, Aishwarya Rajesh, Rahul Ravindran, Nimisha Sajayan, Sindhujaavijii, Suraj Venjaramoodu


The Miniaturist Of Junagadh

2022, India, Fiction, Hindi (with English subtitles), 30 minutes

Screening on: Friday 26nd January, 19:40 – Outdoor Venue


In 1947, the ramifications of Partition led an elderly artist, Husyn Naqqash, to sell his ancestral home in Western India and relocate with his family to Karachi, Pakistan. Kishorilal, the buyer of the house, discovers Husyn’s renowned stature as a miniature painter and the presence of a valuable collection. Intent on obtaining the collection, Kishorilal finds that there’s a secret surrounding it, kept not only from him but also from Husyn.

Director: Kaushal Oza

Producer: Girish Jotwani, Ashwani Sharma, Nachiket Waikar

Executive Producer: Charu Oza, Rajnikant Oza

Co-Producer: Ranjan Singh

Production Company: Luminoso Pictures

Script: Kaushal Oza

Continuity Department: Vishal Padwal

Script Supervisor: Archana Ghangrekar

Cinematography: Kumar Saurabh

First Assistant Camera: Shashwat Saxena

Second Assistant Camera: Saumya Joshi

Assistant Cinematographer: Prateek Lokhande

Assistant Cinematographer (Second Unit): Navgath Prakash

Sound Mixer: Pradyumna Chaware

Sound Designer: Bigyna Dahal

Boom Operator: Aliullah Khan

Music by: Nayantara Bhatkal, Aditya N., Chhavi Sodhani

Editor: Amit Malhotra

Subtitling Editor: Soham Hazra

Art Direction: Sanjeev Sharma        

Costume Design: Nivedita Das        

Construction Coordinator: Israr Ahmad

Graphic Designer: Siddhi Ashar

Assistant Art Director: Arvind Keshri   

Set Dresser: Anupam Sharma)

Props: Krishna Sharma

Set Designer: Kaushal Thakkar

Property Master: Kaushal Trivedi 

Assistant Costume Designer: Kishor Ojha   

Miniature: Ved Chandra Madesia 

Marketing Manager: Sagar Shah    

Production Design: Nitin Zihani Choudhary

Cast: Babar Imam, Kaushal Oza, Ashish Pandey, Aslam Parvez, Stefan Zweig, Naseeruddin Shah, Rasika Dugal, Raj Arjun, Padmavati Rao, Uday Chandra


Two Minutes To Midnight

2021, Germany-Netherlands, Fiction, English (with English subtitles), 48 minutes

Screening on: Monday 22nd January, 19:30 – Outdoor Venue


What if women ruled the world? Yael Bartana stages the question in her performative ‘Two Minutes to Midnight’, where an all-women government of a fictitious country must take a stand on an imminent nuclear threat from a foreign nation.

Director: Yael Bartana

Producer: Yael Bartana, Naama Pyritz

Co-Producer: Zsuzsanna Kiràly

Post Production Producer: Anja Lindner

Executive Producer (Live Performance): Jo Paton

Production Company: Studio Bartana

Script: Alex Barrett

Co-writer: Yael Bartana

Cinematography: Uri Ackerman

Director of Photography: Agnesh Pakozdi, Matan Radin, Claudia Schröder, Sophie Winqvist

Sound Designer: Daniel Meir

Editor: Yael Bartana

Additional Editing: Ayelet Gil Efrat, Daphna Keenan, Michal Oppenheim, Walter Solon

Cast: Olwen Fouéré, Anat Saragusti, Samira Saraya, Jo Martin, Alix Wilton Regan