We will have daily music concerts every day 6pm – 7.15pm.

Performing bands are Aurocats, Beginnings, Collective Song, Deep Dawn, Dog Days, Jazztified, Noizegate, Ronny’s Band, Sound Mirage and The Trio.

All performances will be live streamed and the recording will be available afterwards (see below):

DAY 1: https://bit.ly/TheTrio_Jazztified_AVFF

DAY 2 *: https://bit.ly/DeepDawn_AVFF

DAY 3: https://bit.ly/NoizeGate_AVFF

DAY 4: https://bit.ly/Aurocats_AVFF

DAY 5: https://bit.ly/Beginnings_AVFF

DAY 6: https://bit.ly/DogDays_AVFF

DAY 7: https://bit.ly/SoundMirage_RonnysBand_ComeTogetherAuroville_AVFF

* Deep Dawn is an experimental jazzy funky rocky hip-hop poppy loopy trippy international instadimensional jam collective born in Auroville, India.

Vocals: Mal (aka Helicopter Man aka Perumal the Poet aka The Big Black)

Drums: Mehul (aka Mehul Oblongata aka Drum & Drummer)

Bass: Henrik (aka Henny on the Rocks aka The Low-down Dirty Bassist)

Keys: Santosh (aka Santocracy aka Santo Domingo aka The Rock-hard Pianist)

Guitar: Edo (aka Fettuccine Alf Edo aka Drop-dead Edo aka Mr. Plays-hard-to-Guitar)