Francis Neemberry

In 2005, with my partner Doris, I started making videos under the name of Auroville Video Productions. For over thirteen years we made a number of documentaries on Auroville and large amount of interviews with Aurovilians about their experiences living in Auroville.

Richa Hushing

Alumna of Film and Television Institute of India, Richa Hushing is a documentary filmmaker. Her documentaries are often character portraits; and portraits of indigenous cultures and communities in liminal states. She is the co-director of Auroville Film Institute – Auroville Timelines.

Simona Savardi

I am Aurovilian since 2015 but I have been coming to Auroville since 2007 to visit my sister who had just moved here.
Over the years I have done multiple things in Auroville, in recent years I do therapeutic massages (Shiatsu and Ayurvedic). I like films of real stories, documentaries that testify the different realities that belong to our planet. I have been following the Auroville Film Festival for many years and I am honored to be part of the jury 2022.