Kino Kabaret is back!
Are you ready to write, shoot, edit, and upload a film within 48 hours?

Kino Kabaret is open to anybody ready to become a producer, writer, director, actor, cameraman, soundman, or editor for 2 days, even if you don’t have any clue how it could be. 

The 5th Kino Kabaret will start on Thursday 25th Jan 2024 at 4 pm at Le Morgan cafe’ and ends on Saturday 27th Jan with the screening of the films.

If you want to participate, please send an email to

All films must be between 30 seconds and 6 minutes long and contain the 3 beforehand chosen items (Prop, Sound Effect, Line of Dialogue)

All films must be uploaded by Saturday 27 Jan at 4pm, and will be screened at MMC, Cinema Paradiso, from 4.30 to 6pm

For any info you can write to

For general info:

Good luck and have fun!!

Kino Kabaret Team (Julietta, Marco, Moghan)