aurofilm_festival_featured   There will be a Film Festival for Contemporary Indian Cinema in Auroville next weekend, February 15, 16 and 17, presented by our partner Aurofilm in collaboration with DFF, Delhi.










Friday 15 February:

5.00 pm     DIGANT (BOUNDLESS)   Directed by DNYANESH MOGHE          KONKANI / EST        1h.36’

                  A shepherd, head of a family, wanders in the woods with his sheep. He belongs to a tribe for whom dwelling permanently in a house is alien to him, and wrong. Upon a teachers’ insistence, his son goes to school and then wants to become an architect….         General Audience


                                                       MARATHI / EST                                   2h.18’

                  An ailing film producer wants his wife to produce a film on his favorite story – a story of passion and surrender between a king and a court singer. The wife hands over the responsibility to Revati who is going through a strained relationship with her husband. She meets the woman writer, Tara and Hemangini, a well-known actress, is chosen for the role of the court singer…

                  Saturday 16 February:


                                                         Directed by GURVINDER SINGH          PUNJABI / EST      1h.53’

                  A Dalit family in a village in Punjab wakes up to the news of the demolition of a house of one of their community members. Father, a silent sympathizer, joins his community in demanding justice for the affected family. A man wanders asking for the traditional alms while Father decides to visit the city with a friend, even as his daughter Dayala walks through the village streets in the night.… Prestigious Golden Peacock, 43rd International Film Festival of India (IFFI)


                                                         Directed by GIRISH KASARAVALLI     KANNADA / EST       2h.05’

                  Anand Rao is an aged government employee leading a contented life which turns topsy-turvy when he is asked to play Gandhi-ji in a mega TV serial. The assignment brings him fame and riches but at the cost of his morality and mental peace. The title of the film draws upon the mythology of Lord Vishnu’s tortoise avatar as a metaphor for the immense stress that great responsibility brings. The film director will be with us. Short Q&A session after the film.

                  Sunday 17 February:

5.00 pm     I.D.                                 Directed by KAMAL                             HINDI / EST             1h.27’

                  Charu and her friends share a rented apartment in a high rise in Mumbai. All in their mid-twenties, and each hailing from different parts of the country, they have come here to make this bustling metro their home. One day, a labourer comes to paint a wall at their flat. A few minutes after he starts his work, she finds him unconscious on the floor. In a panic, Charu gets entwined in a series of incidents that take her through the city, searching for some identity of the man.

7.45 pm     DEOOL (THE TEMPLE)     Directed by UMESH KULKARNI            MARATHI / EST        2h.22’

                  Mangloor is a sleepy hamlet in Maharashtra. When Kesha, the village herdsman, experiences a divine intervention and announces that the god Guru Dutta has paid a visit to the village, the villagers decide to cash in on this. Overnight, life in the village changes as a temple trust is formed and various projects start taking shape around the temple….

All films in 35mm film projection – Original version with English Subtitles (EST)

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