a) The screening format in the main venue is digital files in minimum 720p HD. All films must be delivered to the festival either

b) Films of any duration will be accepted.

c) The films for the first 3 categories must have been completed after  January 2017.

d) The films for the 4th category must have been completed after January 2017.

e) Cinema Paradiso will take responsibility for the final selection of all films.

f) If a film is rejected from one category, but is suitable for another one, it will automatically be transferred.

g) The categories are:

Films made by Aurovilians, bioregion residents or films made in Auroville by guests of Auroville;
Films made about Auroville/bioregion;
Films made by students of Auroville/bioregion;
Films which develop the theme of Human Unity.

h) The prizes will be in kind and expressive of the spirit of Auroville.

i) 3 jury members will judge the first 3 categories of films. No Aurovilians and no-one involved in the selection or organization process will serve on this jury. There will be a separate prize for the audience vote (in each of these 3 categories).

j) The 3rd category will be judged by a separate jury of 3, at least one of whom will be Aurovilian and none of whom will be involved in the selection or organization process. There will be a separate prize for the Audience Vote for this category.

k) Our festival is totally non-commercial (no entrance fee to view festival programs, however, of course, any donations will be gratefully accepted)

l) Deadline for submission of online formats for the first 3 categories is August 31, 2019.

m) Deadline for submission of  online formats for the 4th category (human unity) is June 30, 2019.

n) Non-English submission must have English subtitles.

o) Submit your work online by using our submission form