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support_feature*** We currently have a crowdfunding campaign, please donate here: ***

Every year we solicit funds from international funding organizations, Auroville commercial units and individuals.  Often the grant proposals inquire how we are building in sustainability –e.g. how will we finance the film festival in the future?   There are many of us who feel and believe that since endeavours like the Auroville Film Festival exist for the artistic expression and growth of the community, they should be completely supported to retain their imaginative and innovative stance and should not submit to commercial considerations or requirements.

Our office expenses are supported by Miniature, an Auroville commercial unit.  Everybody working with us donates freely of their time, intelligence and creativity.

How you can support us

– Send us a cheque made out to ‘Unity Fund’ for a generous amount.
– Make a direct contribution into our Pour Tous account number 251551 when you are in Auroville.
– Use the Auroville Donation Gateway to make a contribution from anywhere else in the world, choose SPECIFIC Auroville projects and type ‘Auroville Film Festival’ as project name.
– Like and befriend us on facebook.
– Follow and retweet us on twitter.
– Like and befriend us on instagram.
– Tell all your friends about us and collect money from them for us.  Last year, Patricia (France) asked friends who had visited Auroville to donate money to us.  The sum raised was very helpful.
– If you are visiting Auroville, drop by our office and see if you can help us with your time and skills.
– Gift hampers for the jury and winners are a welcome donation from Auroville commercial units.

Here our supporters so far:

Collaborators:  We thank our collaborators who are responsible for some of the films being screened:  CLICK FOR FESTIVALS, IMCINE MEXICAN FILM INSTITUTE (Vanesa Gutierrez Toca, Alejandro Hormingo, Lariza Melo Preciado), GLOBAL ONENESS PROJECT (Adrianne Anderson), CULTURE UNPLUGGED (Justin Douglas), OTHER ISRAEL FILM FESTIVAL (Isaac Zablocki), RIFF Rome Independant Film Festival (Fabrizio Ferrari), WIDE (France), Cinemas d’Afrique, d’Angers (France)(Myriam de Montard), FESTIVAL CINEMA D’AFRIQUE Angers, FESTIVAL PREMIERS PLANS Angers, FESTIVAL TOUS COURTS Aix en Provence

Sponsors: We gratefully acknowledge the many contributions that made this festival possible:  Tlaloc, Mr. & Mrs. Pohl, Antique Jewels Art Pvt Ltd, SAIIER, Miniature, brainfever media productions, The Right Path Cafe, Well Cafe, Solitude Farm & Organic Kitchen, Mona (Studio NAQSHBANDI), Shekhar, AVI Germany, ACUR, Maroma

Supporters: We were helped in many many ways by many many people, and we thank Auroville Botanical Gardens, Auroville Radio, Claude Jouen, Outreach Media, Fabienne, Ruben, Naturellement, Roma’s Kitchen, Tanto’s, Sadhana Forest, PTDC, La Ferme Cheese, AV Bakery, Jolly Kimbap, Antonio’s Pizza, Kalsang, Liliana and countless others for their help and time.

Simultaneous Translations: Sophie. Sandrine. Kati, AuroTraductions

Presenters: Multimedia Centre Auditorium/Cinema Paradiso, ACUR, SAIIER

Artist support: Marc, Ok, Orly, Marco

Volunteers: A big thanks to the volunteers who will be there to help during the festival including Shekhar, Ishan, Shradha, Sanjay, Kotheshwar, Michael, Vanya, Gandha, Prasanna, Manish, Maria, Kumaran, Danielle de Diesbach, Gandha, Prasanna, Michael Heinz, Josephine, Kaveri and others.

AVFF-Educational Outreach Program: The children’s films have been made possible by grants and donations from Foundation for World Education, SAIIER, Stichting de Zaiier, and B.  Thank you!

AVFF’15 Team: Tom, Sasikant, Tlaloc, Marco, Christine, Christoph, Krishna, Laxmanan, Ivana, Kaeridwyn, Mariana