koa_poster_1200Auroville Film Festival Educational Outreach Program presents

Screening & Interaction with the director

Die Krone von Arkus/THE CROWN OF ARKUS
A musical fairy tale feature film by Franziska Pohlmann

Language: German, Subtitles: English, Duration 95 min.

THE CROWN OF ARKUS is a fairytale, magical musical film about a growing friendship amidst poverty and abundance. Arkus is reigned by Schiija.
The Evil queen forces the inhabitants to give her their best work as gifts at the yearly gifts day. One day a former rival passes a hint on how to defeat the queen to the streetkids Jono and Saraja ….




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All are welcome!

Time: 2 pm to 4 pm, Friday, 6th Nov. | Venue: Cinema Paradiso

For details call: Sasi: 9159355809, Gaurav: 9787897947