International category of “films that develop the theme of human unity”

Wisdom Awards:

Aware: Glimpses of Consciousness by Frauke Sandig and Eric Black

All That Breathes by Shaunak Sen

Both the movies stand out for their brilliant expressions of the meaning of the connections between all forms of life which penetrate deeper into the layers of human unity. Though both the movies are documentaries, a very specific style of filmmaking adopted by the filmmakers helps bring the authenticity of the stories, people, context and so on. While the cinematography and background score of Aware: Glimpses of Consciousness takes us into the vastness of life, the film All that Breathes connects us with the nuances of life.

Jury Awards:

Bangla Surf Girls by Elizabeth D Costa

This Stained Dawn by Anam Abbas

These two documentaries, each lasting an hour and a half, complement each other in their expression of human unity. These two films speak to us of emancipation, emancipation of oneself but also emancipation of others. We have the right to see our aspirations implemented. When we saw these two films, one phrase came to mind: “Femmes d’avenir”. The women of the future. In both films, we see women standing up to win their freedom, their right to dream, to be inspired, to be creative.

Cinema Paradiso Award

The Miniaturist of Junagadh by Kaushal Oza

This fiction movie, through its brilliant acting, sharp and poetic script full of layers and metaphors, unraveled one’s perception and imagination. It took us on a journey back in time in a seamless and gentle way bringing us into the context of households during the 1947 partition. It left us with a message of faith and hope. Hope, that despite our differences, whether cultural, religious, and whichever other label or belief it may be, that we can connect through something deeper: through poetry, through art, through creation, through emotion, through our humanity. The word that sprang to mind was Nambikai (Hope/Trust in Tamil)

Category of “films made by Aurovilians, bioregion residents and guests of Auroville”:

Cinema Paradiso Award:

Thirai Virutham by Sugumar Shanmugam

For narrating his personal journey with the art that has a long history and his deep rooted passion for this art “Therukoothu”.

Wisdom Award:

The Path of the 12 Petals: Shanta, an Initiatic Journey by Michèle Decoust

For taking the audience on Shanta’s self exploratory journey that is never ending and filled with growth, learning, challenges and creativity.

Jury Award:

When Goupi Met the Mother Mira Alfassa (Founder of Auroville) and Found Home by Serena Aurora

For its simplicity and for capturing the quote of Lao Tzu, “Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”.

Mongbra Award:

Fallin’ by Valentina Beatriz

For an aesthetically alluring dance short depicting the dynamic use of body, energy, space and time.

Jury Mentions:

Kolam by Saumya Srivastava

Meat the Vegan by Mélusine Schellenberger