Daniel's blog - Conclusion

Daniel’s blog – Conclusion

The 8th edition of the Auroville Film Festival was held between January 22nd-28th, 2024, at the township’s Town Hall campus. It was the first return of the public event to its traditional site since 2020, following the hiatus of Covid-19. Decorated with the installations of local artists and alive with food and music, the campus...
2024 awards

2024 awards

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE AWARD WINNERS OF THE AUROVILLE FILM FESTIVAL 2024! International category of “films that develop the theme of human unity” Wisdom Awards: Aware: Glimpses of Consciousness by Frauke Sandig and Eric Black All That Breathes by Shaunak Sen Both the movies stand out for their brilliant expressions of the meaning of the connections between all...
festival videos and reels

festival videos and reels

Various Auroville filmmakers are volunteering and creating video impressions of each festival day, enjoy their creations in below playlist:
Marco's photos - Day 7

Marco’s photos – Day 7

Photos of the closing day by Marco Saroldi
Fred's photos - Day 7

Fred’s photos – Day 7

Photos of the closing day by Fred Duchamp
awards ceremony coming up

awards ceremony coming up

… and the winners are…Come and find out today at 5pm at the closing ceremony at Town Hall Plaza, followed by one more music concert, a last supper and screenings of the award winning films at the outdoor venue and Cinema Paradiso. See you there…
Marco's photos - Day 6

Marco’s photos – Day 6

Photos of day 6 by Marco Saroldi
Fred's photos - Day 6

Fred’s photos – Day 6

Photos of day 6 by Fred Duchamp
Gautam's blog - Day 6

Gautam’s blog – Day 6

AVFF Day 6: January 27, 2024 We open with the film “Kolam”, which is resounding, except it has little to no sound. It is a visual escapade. From the opening shot, it is sharply searing and visually-appealing, in slow-motion, in fast-forward and in close-ups. Gives one a totally alternative perspective on the people, artifacts and...
Fred's photos - Day 5

Fred’s photos – Day 5

Photos of day 5 by Fred Duchamp
Daniel's blog - Day 5

Daniel’s blog – Day 5

AVFF Day 5 The city of Buenos Aires has been summoned to court to respond to accusations of abusing someone’s rights. On Argentina’s other side, another city – Mendoza – also seems to overlook the fact that every person has the rights to freedom, a life free from torture, mistreatment or isolated captivity. This is...
Gautam's blog - Day 5

Gautam’s blog – Day 5

AVFF Day 5: January 26, 2024 The character Iniyan, in the film “Iniyan”is the narrator’s link, and so our link, to an ancient civilization, now submerged in the Indian Ocean. What makes this civilization crucial and important is that it encapsulates Auroville’s credo—a place of human unity, of complete unity in diversity. The film is...
Marco's photos - Day 4

Marco’s photos – Day 4

Photos of day 4 (half time of our festival) by Marco Saroldi
Gautam's blog - Day 4

Gautam’s blog – Day 4

Day 4: January 25, 2024 Today was the screening of what I felt was my favourite documentary so far: Aware: Glimpses of Consciousness. The premises were “What is life?”, “What is consciousness?”, “What does it mean to be aware of being aware?” The conversation, the multiple frames-of-reference, the perspectives were of a Mayan healer from...
Daniel's blog - Day 4

Daniel’s blog – Day 4

AVFF Day 4 Every year, thousands of migrants attempt the perilous journey from Africa to Europe. After crossing the Sahara they climb the border fences of Morocco to reach Spain’s coastal enclaves, or pay smugglers to ferry them in ramshackle boats from Tunisia and Lybia across the Mediterranean to Sicily and beyond. Fines, imprisonment and...