Conceived by Cinema Paradiso as a biennial festival that will eventually be recognized among the international film festivals in India, Auroville Film Festival made its debut with its first fest between 23 and 27 September 2009.

The festival screened films under 3 categories:
– Films made by Aurovilians: includes film made by Aurovillians and residents of the bioregion and films shot in Auroville by the guests of Auroville
– Films made about Auroville : includes film about Auroville and/or its bioregion
– Films made by students of Auroville: Includes film made by the students of Auroville schools or schools in the bioregion

The event was primarily sponsored by Stichting de Zaaier and by several units, individuals, and you.

We thank all of you for your participation and support in making the Auroville Film Festival 2009 a wonderful success. Here are the results:


Johnini’s Great Cows directed by Aloe, Yaroslava, Zea and Sagu from The Learning Community. This 3 minute short film in the category ‘By Students of Auroville/Bioregion’ shows the great magician Johnini at work.

Maatrum directed by Srini from Yatra Multimedia. The 36 minute film in the category ‘By Aurovilians/Guests’ discusses issues of waste disposal through a comic love story.

Yatra (A Journey to 5 Lands) directed by Srini and produced by Mohanam Cultural Centre and
The Eclipse Trip directed by Christoph, both in the ‘By Aurovilian/Guests’ were also very highly appreciated by the audiences.

Building Matrimandir directed by Doris and Francis from Auroville Video Productions. This 52 minute film in the category ‘About Auroville’ is a documentary on the construction of the Matrimandir.

Here is the list of Winners determined by our panel of judges for the three primary categories

WINNERS OF THE AUROVILLE FILM FESTIVAL 2009: for films made by Aurovillians

Short film Category:
The Catch Directed by Martin makes a remarkable impact with its stark images to present a universal theme.

Maya at Work by Celestine for capturing a significant moment in a classroom lecture with a single savvy circular shot, instigating the viewer to think about the power of illusion in art as in life.

Long Films Category:
The Eclipse Trip by Christoph for finding stories in the familiar, humor in everyday situations and transcendence in the Solar Eclipse with natural flow of ideas and technique.

Maatrum by Sreeni gets Special Mention for dealing with a burning issue in a simple story with humor and emotions that can reach the common man’s sensibilities too.

WINNERS OF THE AUROVILLE FILM FESTIVAL 2009: for films made about Auroville

Children of Auroville by Doris and Francis gives an honest and engaging account of educating the children of Auroville in the early years, and the insight into the many challenges thrown up in this endeavor.

WINNERS OF THE AUROVILLE FILM FESTIVAL 2009: for films made by students of Auroville/Bioregion

Belly Ball by Devi Manasa stands out for lighting up an every day game with a touch of magic, by employing a newly learnt cinematic technique.

Unexpected by Ashwin Shekar for using movement, pace change and music, building it into an experience, with a twist in the end.

Soul directed by Ranga gets Special mention for saying something universal in a simple way.


Revathy (Asha Menon) Actor/ Director/Social Activist
Gerard Perrier Reporter/Documentary Filmmaker
Gowri Ramnarayan Theatre Director/Playwright/Journalist/Singer

Some of the films featured in the festival and the audiences’ reaction to the festival may be viewed on AurovilleTV and
Auroville Filmfestival online submissions on blip.tv.

Interviews of directors and spectators can be heard on Auroville Radio.

Please find more details on the festival site on auroville.org

We appreciate your continued support.
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