films made by students

students_jury_whiteJury Award: A Brief History of Auroville
Director, Script, Camera: Transition School 5th Grade
Kilan, Swaranapoorani, Auropradeepa, Arjunan, Mathan, Madhan
watch online:

This film is not only historically relevant to Auroville, but it is a good animation. Well done!



students_CP_whiteCinema Paradiso Award: Practice What You Preach
Director, Script: Victoria Cortés

This film has a very good concept, is technically brilliant and is of international cinema caliber.




students_wisdom_whiteWisdom Award: Fruit of Technology
Director, Script, Camera, Sound, Editing: Yam Yardeni
Producer: Yardeni Productions
watch online:

A very intelligent and impactful film which shows the brilliance of a young child.



students_creativity_whiteCreativity Award: Grounded
Director, Script, Camera, Sound, Editing: Deepanam School 5th Grade
Arun, Florian, Raul, Aron, Bouthan
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With catchy music and amazing energy, this film is experimental & creative in its concept, its imagery, and its titles.



students_Mongbra_whiteMONGBRA Award: Grounded
Director, Script, Camera, Sound, Editing: Deepanam School 5th Grade
Arun, Florian, Raul, Aron, Bouthan
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33 votes



students_MongbraRU_whiteAUDIENCE VOTE Runner up: The Other Half
TLC film by Yam, Eden, Jalin, Abha, Veerle, Jasmine, Zohar, Surya
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films made by Aurovilians

byAV_jury_whiteJury Award: Auroville Botanical Gardens
Director, Script: Michel Gronoff
Producer: Auroville Botanical Gardens Video Production, Paul Blanchflower
Camera, Editing: Christoph Pohl
Sound: Christoph Pohl, RV
Assistant Director: Claire
Cast: Wazo, Satyamoorthi
watch online:

The voice of an Aurovilian comes across with what is being generated here; a humorous and appealing film.


byAV_CP_whiteCinema Paradiso Award: Metroxical New York
Director: Kousalya Jeganathan, Mohandass Radhkrishnan
Producer: Accessible Horizon Films, Ramesh Mourthy, Raghu Jeganathan
watch trailer online:

A film with great cinematography, insight and impact; an international film.



byAV_wisdom_whiteWisdom Award: Qualities & Realities Series
Director, Producer, Sound, Editing: Juan Felipe Rodriguez Aguiló

Concept films which profile different experiences of being and doing as an Aurovilian. Can reach varied audiences.





films made about Auroville

aboutAV_jury_whiteJury Award: Die Welt Bürgerin (The World Citizen)
Director, Script: Cosima Lange
Protagonist: Isa Cayetana Prieto

A film that tells the story of an Aurovilian experience – the space, the relationships, the nurturing. Technically well made and leaves a touching impact. Has an international appeal.



aboutAV_CP_whiteCinema Paradiso Award: Svaram, The Visceral Sound
Director, Script, Camera, Sound, Editing: Premjit Ramachandran
watch short version online:

A film about the Auroville community and the artist with his music, his ceations and the interactions with the local space. The sounds and movement of the film gives a sense of the experiment that creates Auroville. It is an expression of a divine experience.



aboutAV_wisdom_whiteWisdom Award: On Education…In Auroville
Director, Producer: Iona van Ginneken, Virgile van Ginneken
Co-production: OutreachMedia
watch online:

This is a film that shares the energy, enthusiasm, pedagogy and participation of the way knowledge is gained and given in Auroville. It is an inspiring film.





films that develop the theme of Human Unity

2012, Documentary, English / Hebrew with English subtitles, Israel, 86 min
Director: Erez, Miri Laufer

Can the means used to resolve the conflict in South Africa be applied to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict?
If forgiveness at this level is possible for the human heart, then there is still hope!



2013, Documentary, English / Kinyarwanda with English subtitles, Rwanda, 3 min
Director: Iara Lee
Producer: Caipirinha Productions, Iara Lee

What is it to save a stranger’s life when you risk your own, and blood crazed people stalk your home, looking to kill some more? And you do that again and again.



HU_wisdom_whiteWisdom Award: MAMA AFRICA
2011, Documentary, English / French with English subtitles, Germany, 88 min
Director: Mika Kaurismäki
Producer: Starhaus Filmproduktion GmbH, Rainer Kölmel

“There are some people who like me, and some, who don’t. The ones who don’t, say of me, “There she goes again, singing politics”. But I have a good answer. I don’t sing politics. I only sing the Truth”. It is a unifying truth, spoken in song, with a heart that seeks only an embrace, with anger only at the separation.



HU_wisdom_whiteWisdom Award: ONE DAY, EVERYTHING WILL BE FREE
2013, Documentary, English / Creole with English subtitles, USA, 83 min
Director, Producer, Script, Camera, Editing: Joseph Redwood-Martinez

It’s a wonderful film about a great attitude, that of service, or, ‘Seva’, as Aviram puts it. Caring for the Earth in places where it’s most wounded and bringing it back to life, making it a personal cause and it’s own reward, making it possible for others to experience this ‘giving’, of themselves, to inspire the present and to work towards a future, full of well being for the generations to come, this is what we see in this film about ‘Sadhana Forest’, Haiti.