Our last festival day is on. The last set of films is going to be screened now and the closing ceremony with the presentation of awards will be at 6 p.m. at Town Hall Plaza.

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music blog by Anungla

Dear Everyone,

Such a night! And beautiful! 🙂

When the bright and sunny day became a nice pleasant evening, speakers/screens from the outdoors screening were taken down and set up on main stage and the film festival’s closing day program opened with some hip-hop dancing by Edison and Friends. You could hear people were enjoying this as much as people appreciated when the students from NESS and Tejas in colourful skirts danced beautifully on opening day. And then the main program began and it was actually quite short and in two parts.

Sasi and Marco conducted the proceedings on stage. Judges sat on stage and gave awards in some film categories and both judges and winners spoke about their experiences. And just as on opening day when Noe and Amrit played guitar and sang their originals on main stage, in the middle of awards giving, Victoriya presented a sweet original song. The stage could have been too big for her sitting solo on a chair in the middle of it playing guitar and singing but as it turned out the lighting was minimal and shadows cut out empty spaces around her as a couple of hand held torch lights from some distances shed spots of light on her in an interesting way! 🙂 THANKYOU! Victoriya, and yeah write on, sing on, may the spots grow bigger 🙂

After the song, the rest of the Awards giving followed, and then after the announcement for the screening of the awarded Human Unity film at 8pm in Cinema Paradiso was made, people moved toward the food shamiana and more music happened. Under the lovely Neem tree strung in fairy lights for the film festival, sound was set up and way to go:) as Anna had come with own vocal mic/cable/sound tech…way to go Anna 🙂

Then this closing day’s live music evening at this year’s Auroville film festival began with poetry! They were read out by three children, Danish said “And Now” in English, Shantia’s was in Spanish and small Pele was right on cue to say the Aleluya in Hebrew! THANKYOU! Auroville minstrels in action, and Anandi for making it all happen! 🙂

After being placed to play in the first music evening’s program but having got timed out of it because of rain induced delays…and then getting rescheduled to play on the third day only to get heavily stormed out of it…on the fifth and closing day Anna and Rolf finally got their spot in the sun! 🙂 Anna sang songs from her album, sang in Italian and with Rolf playing guitar brought a sweet jazzy musical finale to this year’s Auroville film festival 🙂 THANKYOU! Anna and Rolf. You did get your gig, yeah! 🙂

And then as an encore Francois played clarinet and Clementine sweetly sang a song 🙂 THANKYOU! 🙂

Now we’ve often heard this one – all good things must come to an end – and surely we’ve more than once lamented on why good things must come to an end. However, at least personally for me, on this closing day of the 3rd Auroville film festival, that tiny sense of fulfilment in the soul that overtook the fatigue in body/mind helped make closure that much sweeter…and welcome…

Welcome because i realized then that yes, all good things must come to an end, there must come closure to the day, for the experience of re-living it in introspection, in totality, in silence, in love, for the change that must, will come, for a brighter day! 🙂

THANKYOU! AVFF for happening!
THANKYOU! Sasi for roping me in to bring music to AVFF2013!
THANKYOU! to each and every one of you who sang and played MUSIC…bringing food for the soul!
THANKYOU! Trovadores for being in Action!
THANKYOU! Radio Crazy Vocalists…the playback couldn’t really play, but the track happened!
THANKYOU! Drupad, for your quiet presence, sharing your mime artistry amidst the crowd!
THANKYOU! everyone who pitched in to help!

Due to obvious reasons it hasn’t been possible for me to actually relate all this to each and every one of you personally, but THANKS to technology i have been able to anyways, and quite efficiently too! through these emails. Thanks for listening to my ramblings… I’d like to close this year’s film festival music ‘blog’ with something that R.M. Rilke said in Letters To A Young Poet, that really resonates,

“…art too, is just a way of living…”

WAY TO GO!!! :))))))

THANKYOU! Auroville family, I’m glad to have been a part of this experience with you all 🙂 see you around, it’s been grrreat :)))

AurovilleRadioMongbra and Other Awards

by Tabitha

Monday, 23 September 2013

duration: 53 minutes

Auroville Radio - AVFF13 closing Play

After five days screening of many good movies, sharing music , socializing… Auroville Film Festival 13 concluded yesterday with closing ceremony. Amazing work of students, with lots of enthusiasm, humor, creativity consist a big part of festival, and clearly shows that youth got a lot of potentials, capacities and freedom to develop it further. Marco, Sasi, Tom, Christoph, Krishna….and many many more made the festival happened, providing the platform to share city creativity along with the category on theme of human unity from outside.

link: http://www.aurovilleradio.org/arts-a-culture/performing-arts/3372-mongbra-and-other-awards