Marco's photos - Day 3

Marco’s photos – Day 3

Photos of the third festival day by Marco Saroldi
Daniel's blog - Day 3

Daniel’s blog – Day 3

AVFF Day 3 In the villages of northern Tamil Nadu, kids secretly sneak out of home – but it is not for smoking or mischief. They go to watch and perform in Therukkoothu, a traditional performance art of south India involving theatre, song and dance, and centring on the land’s ancient gods and mythology. In...
Marco's photos - Day 2

Marco’s photos – Day 2

Photos of the second festival day by Marco Saroldi
Gautam's blog - Day 2

Gautam’s blog – Day 2

AVFF Day 2: January 23, 2024 I attended the panel discussion with Yael Bartana of “Two Minutes to Midnight” and Aman Mann of “All That Breathes”. Although, I didn’t watch “Two Midnights…” I found the premise of a world run by women to be compelling and alluring. As an associate Cristophe said, the movie was...
Daniel's blog - Day 2

Daniel’s blog – Day 2

8th Auroville Film Festival, Day 2 Sometimes we need to step outside our world for a clearer view, and this is exactly what two filmmakers do in “Auroville Exchange”. Hailing from two opposite ends of India, Auroville’s Serena Aurora and Lobsang from Zanskar Valley in Ladakh each explore one another’s world on their quest for...
Marco's photos - Day 1

Marco’s photos – Day 1

Photos of the opening day by Marco Saroldi
Gautam's blog - Day 1

Gautam’s blog – Day 1

Auroville Film Festival 2024: First Thoughts on Day 1 The Auroville Film Festival 2024 promises to be an electrifying immersive experience, if we are to go by the jolly good show of the opening ceremony. It sizzled and popped. What josh! The most scintillating part was the Kalaripayattu performance. With swords, and shields and steel...
Daniel's blog - Day 1

Daniel’s blog – Day 1

8th Auroville Film Festival, Day 1 It is January 22nd, and the blowing of a conch marks the start of the 8th Auroville Film Festival at the Town Hall campus. The audience are treated to a concert by the Saragam drummers, a martial arts show by Kshetra Kalari demonstrating the use of swords, daggers, a...
Gautam's daily pick

Gautam’s daily pick

Gautam briefly reviews his favorite film of each day: On DAY 1 January 22, Monday: In the venue of Cinema Paradiso at 21:07 is Adithalam (“Basic Education”) It’s a charming low-budget film. The most striking feature is its believability. There seems to be nothing fake or phony about the film, it comes across as genuine...
film discussions

film discussions

We are excited to welcome you to our hybrid discussions as part of the Auroville Film Festival 2024. Zoom Details: Link: Meeting ID: 827 1568 0700 Passcode: 214005 We recommend updating your Zoom application to the latest version for the best experience. You can also chose “join meeting from your browser”. The room will...
festival dinner

festival dinner

How can a festival be complete without delicious food? Auroville Film Festival also arranged for eclectic food to enjoy along with films and music. Pre-book your order. Coupons are available at Town Hall reception (9 am – 5 pm) and by emailing to laxmanan [at]
daily music concerts

daily music concerts

We will have daily music concerts every day 6pm – 7.15pm. Performing bands are Aurocats, Beginnings, Collective Song, Deep Dawn, Dog Days, Jazztified, Noizegate, Ronny’s Band, Sound Mirage and The Trio. All performances will be live streamed and the recording will be available afterwards (see below): DAY 1: DAY 2 *: DAY 3: DAY...
2024 online platform

2024 online platform

Additionally to our live film screenings we offer films to be watched online at All films will be available to watch from January 22 – 28, 2024. All films are available for free.  All films of the Auroville categories are available worldwide. Most films of the Human Unity category are available online (some films...
2024 schedule

2024 schedule

click to download screening schedule as pdf – no title specified DAY 1: Monday, January 22 Time Cinema Paradiso Outdoor Space 17:00 – 18:00 Welcome to the Opening Ceremony – Town Hall Plaza 18:00 – 19:30 Eat, meet, mingle and enjoy performances! 19:30 – 22:00 19:30 All That Breathes, Shaunak Sen, 94 min Note: Online...
2024 poster and theme clip

2024 poster and theme clip

Here come the poster and theme clip for our upcoming film festival.