3/10/15 DAY 2 of the AVFF ’15

Well it looks like the rain is going to hold today… but it drizzled.

Oh the Yatra theater group who’s show was literally rained out yesterday will be back by popular demand in the near future. We’ll let you know as soon as a new date is set.

Day two was the first full day of scheduled films (a total of 16 films) were shown (screening times: 9:30-12:30, 16:30 -18:30, 19:30 -22:30). These ranged from ethnographic documentaries: a film from Hokkaido Japan where a different race of people has lived longer than the present day Japanese have. We follow their history of subjugation and marginalization by successive emperors and governments. Today they are trying to find out who they are now and to have pride in their culture. In the afternoon there was a film on the recent art exhibition during the Auroville Festival in Chennai, to a movie about jogging in India by a wide range of characters and competitors. To travel logs made by Aurovillians.

At 2:30pm the first Round Table Discussion on Human Unity (HU)
Sasikant will moderate. Suresh will be the daily panelists and other panelist will join them throughout the duration of the film festival.
The first round table discussion got off to a rocky start… The camera crew was late and everyone had to wait for them. The format was suppose to discuss the previous day films (there were 3 on HU) but only one of the films was discussed. Doris and Raman, the two panelist, were on the selection committee – the committee that selected the HU films to be passed onto the jury. They shared how they selected some films over others.

S5A_2616The crowds in the evening – when the bulk of films are screened – were less than opening night but still more than the last film festivals… they came to watch movies or to eat pizzas or kimbap, or some dosai, parothas, or listen to the band from Pondy Change the World Music who played an eclectic mix of reggae, funk, folk, rock and world music. Tomorrow we get a double treat with Sisters of Auroville and Emergence!

The food for day two was Jolly Kimbap, AV Pizza and Maduram Indian food. So people could have a wonderful selection of food and conversation at a fraction of what they would pay elsewhere… but there were a number of persons who were abusing the system and not paying for the pizzas!

S5A_2627The outdoor theater had just a bit of drizzle for the first two movies, but the 3rd movie had be moved into SAIIER because of loud thunder.

A well received film (audience applauding) was Trash to Treasure, where we follow a few creative Auroville designers taking waste products and turning them (upcycling) into useful or beautiful products. That’s all folks! (for day two)…





photos by Marcos:


photos by Koteshwar: