Today I saw the film #FEMALE PLEASURE. What an inspiring, brutally honest film! Such a strong reminder that despite our social normalisation and denial of the issue, the abuse and condemnation of women and women’s bodies is still very present as a justified behaviour in our societies, across several countries, nationalities and cultures. To make a global shift on this issue is as relevant as any other urgent planetary crisis. The good news is that the change is happening and this film is a testimony of that!

Through various women’s stories, Female Pleasure shows in a magnificent way how the persistent abuse and repression of women is completely related to toxic religious ideas and the abuse of power from the patriarchal societies that we are living in. The storytelling in the film is intelligent and balanced; every character has a well-developed dramatic arc and the mixture works perfectly as an overall perspective on the gravity of the situation.

The film also exposes how society is neglecting not only sexual education for girls and boys, but also how this issue is deeply interconnected with human rights, gender inequality, and the abuse of power.

This film makes for uncomfortable, but essential viewing, in my opinion, and especially for Auroville, the City of Dawn. Now, more than ever, we need to wake up and take responsibility. We are the unconscious ones that have made life a living hell in the name of God and false morality, we are blinded by our own fears. God didn’t send us here to deny such things as pleasure, joy, love, and life itself; religion did! It is time to clean spirituality from the repressive institutions of religion, and to stop this unacceptable suffering, not only for the sake of women, but for the health and wellbeing of all.