‘Earth crusader’ is a truly inspiring film. On one side, seeing an 85-year-old woman dreaming about the future is something that fills me with hope for us all. On the other, on my way between Chennai airport and Auroville, I’ve seen so many buildings in construction, so many awful mountains of concrete with neither design nor identity, that I really started to worry what the world will look like tomorrow.

Didi Contractor is leading a revolution, reviving local materials, human design and artisan craftsmanship. Didi is an educator, challenging younger generations to break through mental boundaries, and to give birth to new ideas that can change the world for the better. She teaches her collaborators how to build with their own hands, with mud and other natural techniques. Through talking, listening and getting to know her clients, she creates spaces that are truly designed for those who will live in them. This documentary introduces us to a woman who is changing this world into a better one, something I find truly encouraging. And more than being simply a beautiful documentary, I’ve seen ‘Earth crusader’ actually moving people; I’ve seen them discussing it outside the cinema, getting interested in a more natural way of building and living, and this, I think, is the biggest achievement for a documentary. More than just showing or teaching something to viewers, this film planted seeds into their hearts, seeds set to grow and flourish – a living piece of this amazing woman inside us.