Today was definitely ‘Unity in Diversity’ day at the film festival. I saw a variety of short films made in Auroville, some of them quite informative and well done, and others with a very good sense of humour – a quality much appreciated by the audience, especially those Aurovilians relating to in-jokes and certain characters within the community. It can be hilarious to watch your friends on the big screen exposing themselves as characters!

I also saw a couple of European films that caught my attention, and then I enjoyed the classical piano music played by some students of Auroville.  

I also danced a little bit to the Bossa Nova concert, while eating a delicious international dinner. Even the food was in tune with the diversity vibe tonight: a variety of flavours from Europe could be tasted along with the concert.

Days like this are a reflection of how the entire world is already contained in Auroville.