untitled-6516Day 3, Monday 18, After the hustle, bustle and frantic pace of the weekend (to get the venue set up), Monday set the weeks pace with a late 4pm start.  This gave some of us, who have been wed to Town Hall since Thursday a well deserved rest (tho Tom, Christoph, Krishna were still at it early Monday).

MOVIES: to show, or not to show, or WHEN to show, that is the question?  Over the years we (AVFF) have tried lots of different combinations of when to screen movies at the different venues on weekdays; eg mornings, noon to 5 etc. Often the venues were empty – so this year we decided to start screening from 4 to 6 and 8 to 10:30pm.  Tho the late sessions go even longer due to our extended program of SKYPE’s & Directors access – we are using Skype (4x) plus Directors/Producers (4x) who have come to the festival – to hear first hand, INSIGHTS and Q&A from them.  This is a major feature of this festival (we trialed it last year and STEPPed IT UP this year).

EAT’s! OK OK I know you’re wondering what orgasmic culinary delights we had last night – North Indian cuisine:  Aneeta and Lalit led the charge to provide us with a YUMMY North Indian dinner.   A SAD NOTE:  Most of the of the evenings meals are sold out, there are still a few available.

Musica! The program said that the International Film Festival 4Tet Jazz group would play from 7-8pm.   However, they started at 6:15pm and played past 8pm, I don’t know the exact time cuz I went to watch a movie at 8 but they were still jamming…really great jazz.  We hope to hear more from them again soon.