Food FestivalDay 5…Wed, Dec 20, MOVIE SEEKERS, CODE BREAKERS: ONE THING that has been consistent with those wanting to catch some flicks this festival is the confused state our program guide creates.  MOVIES Seekers search for the Rosetta Stone to unlock the program guide…to no avail.  Due to the shoestring budget, we had – to pull off the 5th film festival we couldn’t print the programs.  So, we relied on our website and programs printed at the venues to deliver the info all MOVIE SEEKERS needWHAT WAS PLAYING, WHERE IT WAS PLAYING, WHEN IT WAS PLAYING AND A SYNOPSIS.  However, it became apparent that the way we displayed our INFO created CHALLENGES for those movie seekers.

Our Director of Directors (Krishna) realized this and redesigned the info and posted this on AVNET and presto, one no longer needed a Rosetta Stone to decipher our MOVIE GUIDE.  I ran into an ol Aurovillian several times during the festival – who I had asked if she has watched any movies and she repeated several times ‘I went on to the website but it was very difficult…’   ‘Well this time she said I went to AVNET and I could find the info easy so I’m coming this afternoon’.

PRESTO, Check it out!  This stroke of generalship has broken the esoteric code and delivers what YOU NEED!
So, HOPE to see more of you at the cinema!  At 6:30pm the Skype connections was cooking, the visual were good and the audio clear (100% better than last night).  The Director/camera man, editor, sound engineer & publicist (talk about multi-tasking!) shared his insights to his research into ORGANICS in Europe.  Those that stayed (not a lot) were treated to a good exchange of information.

Rabbit Food:  The cuisine for tonight was Raw Vegan…i’ve been a veg since 71′ and my diet is closest to vegan and I usually do raw fruit for dinner.  So, I’m OK with raw vegan…Tonight there seemed to be hip anticipation and people seemed to come out early and the nightly queue (line – I’m bi-lingual) snaked its unruly coil around the food court and extended even further than the other nights.
The Verdict: This was the first meal that I didn’t enjoy.  The okra (lady finger– I’m bi-lingual) dish was unusual, the salad dressing non-descript, ok I’ll stop.  I think the major failing was that the general was missing.  The other nights the generals were there to direct traffic.   Maybe the hip n cool thought it was a good meal…

Entertainment:  For 3 of the past 4 nights we were treated to bands so there could have been a bit of anticipation to have more of the same.  However first up was some Avant guard, mixed media, human contortionist babble by Ra.  Then some awesome keyboard by Hartmut.

Movies:  Then from 8pm a MIXED BAG of different Movies, some with heavy content.
Tomorrow and beyond: Check out our NEW PROGRAM on AVNET (and B pleasantly surprised) and C U at the movies.
There are still a few meal tickets left for the last 3 nights.  B there or B square…