a_passion_of_gold_and_fire_posterToday, we have a full day of Human Unity films lined up for you!

To celebrate the beginning of the school holidays, we invite you to Cinema Paradiso at 4 pm until 5:20 pm for really good films for children that the young and young at heart will enjoy.

al_sheikh_noel_posterIn the Archive building, from 4 pm to 10:30 pm, we present a series of short fictions and documentaries, with a few standing out: the poetic A Passion of Gold and Fire, the touching Al Sheikh Noel, and the surprising Geneva Convention.



nobody_knows_my_songs_posterAt 8 pm at Cinema Paradiso, another one of our favourites of the festival not to be missed, Nobody Knows my Songs by Zoran Maslic. It is a movie about identity, sense of belonging, friendship and love. “The more I worked on Nobody Knows my Songs, the more I understood that Berge Arabian, my main character, is a bridge-maker. It is because of people like him that we can cross to the other shores, not always having to swim through cold and dark waters.”




Also at 8 pm at the outdoor venue, Angry Buddha will bring you to Hungary where János Orsós, a teacher and a Buddhist founded a school to help teenagers from the poorest Romani ghettos to attend universities.

It is not over!! Tomorrow afternoon, at 5, the winners will be revealed, and at 8 pm, we will screen the winning films, so you have one last chance to see these beautiful movies from all 4 categories.