weatherworry1Day 6: Dec 21, the Solstice, the shortest day of year (and the longest night).  The night before was cold and the morning seemed colder and then a light rain blanketed Auroville… It rained a few times during the day till a little after noon then I don’t think it rained again until around 8:30pm.   We have had the Film Festival in Sept, Oct and Dec and the havens have release the liquid of the gods on all 5 occasions.



Locked Up, Locked In: Hey something funny happened last night I got locked in the AV Radio office.  Their door has a faulty latch that you had to jiggle just the right way to open the door.  Well it finally gave up and I was locked inside I banged on the door to attract the Watchman’s attention and he came (luckily) and rescued me…(the door could open from the outside but not the inside) – so then the watchmen comes inside and tries to show me how to open the door and he TRIES n FAILS!! So now AV Radio has captured two of us and we pound on the door to attract someone to FREE US!  LOCKSMITH first thing in the morning!

FOODIES:  SADHANA FOREST: GIFT ECONOMY:  Tonight’s meal was vegan c/o Sadhana Forest.  Sadhana Forest is one GROOVY n unusual community in Auroville ( ).  They have been a partner of the film festival since our inception.  This year they STEPED UP and did even more for us.  And tonight, they fed over 250 people…Wires got crossed and they thought they were cooking for a lot less…SO that’s the reason U ALL had such small portions (unusual for Sadhana).  But B THANKFUL we have to remember that most DINERS received this dinner for FREE (there were a few who donated to them).  YES that’s right, Sadhana provides meals for FREE.  Much THANKS Sadhana!!

A side bar: What I find ever more amazing is that Aviram and Yorit have to travel to see their other projects…family in Israel…etc. this could be for 2 weeks to 2 months or more … and Sadhana Forest keeps running on its own – Aviram has built in self-sufficiency and sustainability into Sadhana – the farm is like a well-oiled organic machine – just keeps on KEEPING ON!  Sorry for the digression…but it is a marvel

RAW VEGAN: I talked to several people who had the raw vegan dinner and a couple had a bit of stomach issues but all thought the food was good.  So, I stand corrected.  Thank you Kofpu for your assistance.

Demographics:  One thing is clear for this festival – the ratio of Aurovillians to visitors watching movies has shifted.   There are more visitors coming to watch movies.  In one of my interviews it was revealed that since this week is end of school year, parents and students are busy with end of school year things.

MUSICA: Tonight we were treated to a very long set from: LADY SINGS JAZZ, a Jazz 5tet with Diva Vera (vox), Rolf (bass), Ray (drums), Smile (sax), Yuri (keys) n Dhani (guitar).  A very good set singing covers.  And thanks to the Sadhana Forest COOKING Crew, who created a dance floor and got down and boogied for most of the set – the COOKING Crew COOKED on the dance floor!  They laid down the GAUNTLET so hopefully other dancers will take up the challenge and BOOGIE for the coming evenings…IF NOT – they will on Sat when DJ Mouhsine will get them on their DANCING FEET!

More MOVIES on tap:  after the band stopped, people gravitated to the different venues to catch some more flicks…

photos by Stefano