39207261502_c86db63794_bDay 7, Dec 22,

Today had a slew of Films (many short ones) to view. Today marks the last day to choose which venue and movie you want to watch, because tomorrow there won’t be any films to watch from 4-6:30pm. There will only be one showing and that is at the MMC where all the winning films will be screened. This should take about 2.5 hrs. So be on time tomorrow, Saturday at 5 pm, so that you can catch the AWARD CEREMONY, a GALA ENTERTAINMENT Presentation & then a MARATHONE of GREAT WINNING FLICKS…

Carbon Neutral Fund: I was on my way to edit in AV Radio when I ran into Glenn (Forest Group) and he thanked AVFF for the Rs7000 money we raised for our Carbon Neutral Fund (CNF). The CNF was a new AVFF initiative which sought to raise funds via a Crowd Funding portal and for every $10 donation we (Forest Group) would plant a tree. Global Warming is the greatest threat to the Earth (well actually HUMANS are the greatest treat!). And planting trees plays a role in binding the CO2 into the tree. A tropical tree does this 365 days of the year, where a temperate tree may only for ¾ of the year. We hope to make the CNF even bigger next Festival and lighten our carbon footprint.

FOODIES: AVERTING a MIDDLE EASTERN DELIGHT DISASTER: A series of BAZZAR COINCEDENCES created a STATE OF SEIGE & PANIC & almost torpedoed our Middle East Dinner! Let me explain…Orly decided that she had too much on her plate (hummus, falafel, pita)J and wanted to cancel Middle Eastern Night and tried to meet with Aneeta on Monday to inform her of her intentions. However, Aneeta was cooking North Indian so forgot all about the meeting. Orly tried to arrange another meeting but that didn’t work either so Orly sent a Facebook post to Aneeta saying she had to CANCEL THE DINNER. Aneeta replied ‘OK no problem, food festival going fine’. Early yesterday Aneeta realizing that TOMORROW is the dinner – so calls Orle to discuss how she could help. Orly response with ‘What are you talking about, I canceled the dinner and you replied that it was FINE!’ Aneeta replies ‘What, I never said no such THING!’ Orly says ‘Here’s your post! Aneeta looks at it and says, ‘LOOK at the PHOTO that’s not me, nor is my name spelled Anita! Orly DOUBLE TAKES and doesn’t know WHAT TO THINK.

As it turns out Orly had two Aneeta/Anita who were working on Food Festivals and got their WIRES CROSS. So Orly AVERTED a MIDDLE EASTERN DISASTER & made it a DELIGHT with lots of hard work and coordination. So, if you see Orle thank her for going beyond the call of DUTY! Middle East dinner was a close 2nd.

MUSICA: We were first treated to a mix of some funky tunes by Rai Barelli electric veena band. They played a good but short set. Then the The Nu Jazz Trio (Suresh on drums, Dhani on bass and Yuri on keys) STEPPED UP n took the stage and jammed and the moved the audiance. The base player and keyboardist shared some nice LICKS. The movin and grovin crowd was treated to some WICKED MODERN JAZZ.

A little before 8pm the band wrapped it up and then people drifted to the different movie venues.

… and a few more photos by Marco S.