FINAL DAY 8, DEC 23, ENVELOP PLEASE! & THE WINNER IS: The Judges hung out at Roma’s Kitchen till late afternoon, to determine the WINNERs. They have been in consultation for most of the week (all judges were given all the MOVIES in their CATAGORIES on external HD months before the event). There are a host of PRIZES & CATAGORIES. Who will take away the prizes? Don’t PEEK, but at the end of this Blog are the WINNERS! HEY, I said Don’t PEEK!!
The Town Hall area looked a bit deserted today. Less activity and people milling about…tho around 2pm the cooking crew were busy starting to prepare tonight’s meal (South Indian). Today there were no movies between 4pm – 6:30pm. But movie goers tonight would be treated to ALL THE WINNERS of the two categories – Auroville and Human Unity.

CLOSING CEREMONY! By 5pm a large ANTICIPATORY CROWD waited to hear the Judges Choices. But before the grand finale Francois & friend performed an acrostic UNPLUGED set. The Director of Directors, Krishna with Sasi by her side took FRONT n CENTRE and got down to business. Welcoming the crowd and thanking all the people who made this event possible. Then in due course presented three of the judges. The 3 judges in turn ANNOUNCED the WINNING FILMs. Then more of Francois & friend singing traditional songs from around the world (fitting for HUMAN UNITY). Krishna and Sasi were back for more MCing and then they introduced the Secord round of judges. The Judges (with a little DRUM ROLL) then announced the final WINNERS. All the winners received a BEAUTIFUL plaque from Accomplished Aurovillian Artist, Priya Sundaravalli, which she graciously DONATED to the Film Festival. Lastly, our Director of Directors announced the coveted MONGBRAS award (which is the AUDIENCE AWARD).

Then the crowd was treated to Auroville’s talented YOUTH (via TLC: one of Auroville’s schools) who provided a varied musical performance and a cast of 20?. There were individual, duets, and group performances. Later the Svaram group and Mohanam group (Bamboo Team) gave sterling percussionist performances.

FOODIES: To MEAT or not to MEAT: During the past 7 days, we had vegetarian & vegan meals. BUT tonight, people could choose between Chicken Biriyani or Veg. At 6:30p part of the crowd from the AWARDs Ceremony moved IN-MASS like a single un-coiling ORGANISIM to queue (line up) for some South Indian Chicken Biriyani or veg. Oh there maybe one more blog to WRAP UP UNFINISHED business and I will include the menu of each evening.

OK NOW what U all have been waiting for, can I have a Drum Roll

The 3-member jury, comprising of Kavitha, Moghan and Charu came to a mutual agreement, under HUMAN UNITY category.

Director: Thomas Larsen Otterdal

The reason the judges selected this film was that the film is a strong invitation for all of us to take responsibility for our preconditioning.


Director: Eugénie Dumont

The reason the judges selected this film was that the film was a great story of preservation of ancestral wisdom and values


Directors: Shu Aiello/ Catharine Catella

The reason the judges selected this film was that this film is a wonderful example of human acceptance and openness. And I’ll add: It provides a ROAD MAP for the refugee crisis of Europe, and where n how to resettle refugees.

The Jury decided to give two special mentions as follow:

1- “RIDING LOVE” (3 minutes)

The reason for special mention of this film is that it is an attempt at an alternative economy where joy and happiness rather than power and money is the objective.

2- “ELEPHANT’S PLAYMATE” (6 minutes)

The reason for special mention of this film is that it is a great example of how a story can be told simply and directly.

Next were the 3 AUROVILLE categories and the judges were Radhika Khanna, Aravindan.G.P., Jeanluc Buro (these judges gave their reasons on stage).

ABOUT Auroville

Paradiso Award: Auroville’s Children – Special mention: Unique Towns – Auroville
Jury Award: Ecovillage Design Education Documentary Auroville – Special mention: The Mother
Wisdom Award: Tree House Community

BY Aurovillians/Bioregion

Paradiso Award: Together – Special mention: Blue Boy
Jury Award: Asylum Park – Special mention: Earth and Bamboo
Wisdom Award: Inner Dialogues (episode one for re-screening) – Special mention: Be Part of the Solution and Not the Problem
Creativity Award: Entre chien et loup Special Mention: Path that Leads Nowhere

Paradiso Award: DotA 2 Tribute
Jury Award: A Collection of Animations
Wisdom Award: Open Your Eyes

Trashion Show by Masha got the Audience Award – Mongbra

THAT’S ALL FOLKS! Till we meet again at AVFF 2019’ It was a great FESTIVAL and we thank everyone who had a hand in it. WE LOOK FORWARD TO MORE FILMS (hopefully FOOD – Aneeta) n entertainment for the next rendition.
Till Then,
The AVFF 17’ gang