AVFF2015_videos_600Thanks to our festival film crew Tlaloc and Sanjay we are having a number of videos from the festival, brought to you with some slight delay, so stay tuned and keep checking this page for new ones…





This video shows some of the highlights of day 3, it starts with rain on window and reflects the elements that were most concerning to the organizers of the film festival… the rains haunted us for 3 of the first 4 days! Then it shows a sampling of the entertainment and musicians we got to hear… Then a sampling of interviews of what the audience thought of the films they watched…a great interview with a young boy who is old with wisdom…then people sitting around food and enjoying conversation… and ends with the Round Table Discussion on Human Unity… then in closing the clip asks: Come and explore our festival and discover yourself….


Ok here are some video highlights of day one and two.

Auroville was a desert in 1968 and the early pioneers found ways to keep the rains on the land and planting and water techniques that nourished the lands so that now Auroville is under canopy. So you see some of the forest as the clip opens…This is the first year that we have had 4 or 5 directors of movies that are in the festival. One of them is Philippe Borrel, who made the movie The Invisible (R)Evolutions, there is a French title but it escapes me… (editorial note: L’Urgence de Ralentir)

They call a person bi-lingual if s/he speaks 2 languages and tri-lingual if s/he speaks 3 languages and a person who speaks 1 language is called an American or a French wo/man…(actually many French now speak English so I guess we have to call one language speaker an American…)

So we have an interview with Philippe and then Samira interviews a number of movie goers and there are some shots of the festival and the Round Table Discussion on Human Unity. OK that’s a rap…or wrap!!!