Films made about Auroville/bioregion



2013, Documentary, English with English subtitles, 51 min

This is a documentary film of the Auroville International meeting held on 14th February 2012 in Gujarat. This film expresses the concept of Human Unity which is being developed in the experimental city of Auroville. This film has visuals of excellent presentations about different projects of Auroville International Township that were shown to the people of Gujarat during the conference and also visuals of beautiful places, and the different culture and tradition of the people in Gujarat. We can see unity in the diversity of India.

An interesting documentary focusing on the theme of Human Unity.

Director, Script, Editing: Yatra E. Srinivassan

Producer: Yatra Multimedia, Satyakam

Camera: Rajaram, Osiva, Satyakam; Sound: Yatra Multimedia; Music: Johan Zilverzurf Zachrisson, Rang Rasiya, Hemant, Anuradha, Ranglo, Kishore, Rupal

Editing Assistants: Rajaram, Arulmozhi, Sri Adhilakshmi

Supervision: Satyakam, Devasmita

Cast: Project holders and the delegates of Auroville

Contact: Yatra Multimedia, near New Creation, Kuilapalayam, Auroville, TN, 605101, India

screening time: Fr 20 20:58 Outdoor Venue, Fr 20 15:49 Conference Room



2012, Documentary, German with simultaneous translation, 25 min

Documentary about Auroville. It gives information about what Auroville is and includes interviews.

It has been broadcast on ORF-Austrian TV and Bayern Alpha.

Director, Producer, Script, Editing: Alexander Lorenz

Camera: Bhan Saini

Contact: Alexander Lorenz

screening time: Sa 21 19:35 Cinema Paradiso



2013, Documentary, Spanish / English / French with English subtitles, 12 min

Sometimes what happens in our life is not as important as how we decide to live that experience. The brain tends to create the illusion that getting what we want or being in a better condition will increase our well-being; sometimes unexpected events, even if seen as negative at the beginning, can be a great source of self-knowledge and a path toward experiencing a strong fulfillment. In this case, Christel shares her experience after a car accident she had 21 years ago, when she became totally paralyzed.

Director, Producer, Script, Camera, Editing: Roberto López Mélinchon

Sound: Ines Franco; Special thanks to: Ariana Keyman, Solene Levasseur

Contact: Roberto López Mélinchon, Av. Benavides 1330, San Antonio, Miraflores, Lima 18, Peru

Link: https://vimeo.com/61246169

screening time: Fr 20 15:17 Cinema Paradiso




2012, Documentary, English, 29 min

17-year old Isa grew up in a giant adventure playground called Auroville, a town in Southern India with 2500 inhabitants from 45 different nations. Everything is a bit different here: no obligation to go to school, no private ownership, no mayor, no religion. But growing up in a place with the self-imposed mission to speed up the evolution of mankind can also be extremely daunting. Isa slowly realizes that she is fast growing out of the cozy and protective nest that the community provides, and has to find her own way pretty soon. In the face of the permanent confrontation between her idealistic dreams and everyday realities, this is a very hard task.

Die Weltbürgerin is a 30-minute documentary for a television series entitled MÄDCHENgeschichten (Girls’ Stories), produced for 3sat, a German TV arts channel. Each film portrays 17-year-old girls from different countries all over the world; each episode is directed by a female director. The girls’ stories are meant to represent not only the life concepts of the young protagonists, but also the different documentary-film styles of international female directors. The connecting theme is: What kind of dreams, wishes, and plans for their future do the “women of tomorrow” have?

It was broadcast on 3sat, ZDF.

Director, Script: Cosima Lange

Producer: Junifilm GmbH, Anke Hartwig

Camera, Director of Photography: Marcus Winterbauer; Sound Recordist: Ralf Weber Editing: André Nier; Composer, Sound Designer, Re-recordering Mixer: Walter Schirnik Digital Colorist: Till Beckmann; Assistant Director: Christian Griebel

Production Assistants: Matthias Maier, Sascha Mathejczyk

Production Manager: Joanna Flogaus; Comissioning Director: Udo Bremer

Protagonist: Isa Cayetana Prieto

Contact: Cosima Lange, Christburger Str. 29, Berlin 10405, Germany

Website: http://www.junifilm.de

screening time: Tu 17 19:47 Cinema Paradiso



2012, Documentary, English, 8 min

neelanjani Neelanjani will establish a network to promote Auroville artists to external galleries and art initiatives • Neelanjani will loan works of art to public spaces and also manage a loan-to-buy scheme for private homes ▪ Neelanjani will be open to visitors of Auroville seven days a week to sell works of art. • Neelanjani will lobby architects to utilize the skill set within the artist community of Auroville ▪ Neelanjani will facilitate and manage community arts projects • Neelanjani will manage and update a visual record of each member, their work and contacts ▪ Neelanjani will be the vehicle for delivering art shows, benefits and markets outside of Auroville ▪ Neelanjani will act as a representative group and ensure a level of quality for the work that is offered for sale.

Director: Vimal Bhojraj

Producer: Auroville Consulting

Script, Editing, Camera, Sound: Vimal Bhojraj; Music: from the film “Amélie”

Contact: Auroville Consulting, Saracon Campus, Kottakarai, Auroville, TN 605101, India

Link: https://vimeo.com/55664330

screening time: Sa 21 20:55 Cinema Paradiso, Fr 20 10:00 Conference Room



2012, Documentary, English / Hungarian with English subtitles, 42 min

A self-maintaining farming community is the real answer for the global crisis. The farming community shows in practice the global climate, food and community crises. In our global world, only those economical communities do not end in crisis which do not depend on central supply systems or external funding. They are self-maintaining. The kind of consumer civilization in which we live will fall apart in our lifetime. This catastrophic forecast is a warning that people should not depend on public supply systems (gas, water, electricity networks, outstanding agriculture, food and health care, and so on.) The most efficient way to avoid this is the traditional self-maintenance economy, which has proven itself over thousands of years. This life style is not only healthy, rich in clean food and comfortable, but also provides livelihoods because the work (e.g. agriculture, house building) is done in groups and communities. This community life and its protection is what is missing in our lives. This film promotes a self-maintaining life style which can help populations survive global political and economical cycles.

Director, Photography: Mark Szucs

Producer: Mark Szucs, Aniko Rimoczi

Camera: Mark Szucs; Script: Aniko Rimoczi; Edited: Mark Szucs, Aniko Rimoczi

Sound: Gulyas Andras, Living Totem; Animation: Attila Sziklai

Sound design: Ákos Molnar, Mark Szucs, Zsolt Fajt; Translation: Pierre Paul Volgyesi, Sebastian Fiel, Christian Lantos; Translation correction: Jay Miller

Interview: Nagy Boglárka, Erdélyi Zsolt, Erdélyi Barnabás, Priya, Vincent, Jeff Goodchild, Satprem Maini

Contact: Mark Szucs, Osz u 13, Europe Pomaz, Hungary

screening time: Th 19 17:23 Cinema Paradiso



2013, Documentary, French / English with English subtitles, France, 16 min

What is alternative education?
We follow one class at TLC (The Learning Community) in Auroville and ask adults and children their own views on education.
Through this short movie, we explore with humor some serious questions about education.
“Do you like going to school?” “Yes, but only on Tuesdays.”

Director, Producer: Iona van Ginneken, Virgile van Ginneken

Co-production: OutreachMedia

Script, Sound: Virgile van Ginneken; Camera, Editing: Iona van Ginneken

Cast: Jasmine, Edén, Yam, Zohar, Veerle, Madu, Asia, Eunsu, Abhay, Johnny, Marlenka, Tamar, Matilde, Krishna, Jean-Yves, Sandrine and Yvelis

Original Music: Virgile & Iona

Play: “Sorcery at Sea” directed by Paul

Contact: Iona van Ginneken, 37 Avenue de la Marne, Montrouge, Hauts-de-Seine 92120, France

Rights reserved by Auroville OutreachMedia, <outreachmedia@auroville.org.in>

screening time: We 18 19:30 Outdoor Venue



2012, Documentary, English, 8 min

Ananda tell us his vision about the consciousness path for the materialization of the Mother’s Dream in Auroville.

It was broadcast on AurovilleTV 12/12/12.

Director, Producer, Sound, Editing: Juan Felipe Rodriguez Aguiló

Script: Lola Pardo; Camera: Juan Felipe Rodriguez Aguiló, Lola Pardo

Contact: Juan Felipe Rodriguez Aguiló, Citadines, Auroville, TN 605101, India

screening time: Th 19 19:38 Outdoor Venue, Su 22 09:37 Conference Room



2012, Documentary, English, 60 min

Svaram is one of the few places on the Indian subcontinent experimenting in the field of creating new musical instruments that should be accessible to everybody, independent of talent or predisposition, directly bringing the joy of music into one’s hands and heart. The film follows the trajectory of the founder of Svaram, Aurelio, an evolved Austrian musician/gypsy/free-thinker/philosopher. Shot in black and white and using the sounds of the instruments manufactured at Svaram, the film talks about the larger picture of music and its importance in our lives.

Director, Script, Camera, Sound, Editing: Premjit Ramachandran

Producer: 100hands

Additional Camera, Assistant Editor, Cast: Shruti Kulkarni

Contact: Premjit Ramachandran, 100hands, Village Vashisht, Tehsil Manali, Kullu District, Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India

Link: http://vimeo.com/38483004

screening time: We 18 15:53 ConferenceRoom



2013, Documentary, English, 5 min

A short film on the vision and work of Thamarai outreach projects in Edayanchavadi village. It features a playgroup and an after-school facility for village children.

Director, Producer, Script, Camera, Sound, Editing: Erika Binger, fellow students

Cast: Thamarai Team

Contact: Erika Binger, Creativity, Auroville, TN 605101, India

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPU8D5oT_lg

screening time: Fr 20 16:55 Cinema Paradiso, Sa 21 10:20 Conference Room