where_the_hills_are_greener_posterDay 5… and we have another Skype discussion with Oliver Dickinson, the director of Where the Hills are Greener. In the South of France, the Loco-Motivés association succeeds to produce and deliver local food respectful of nature and animals.

Starting at 8 pm at the outdoor site, we have 3 great movies back to back. Do not miss the dynamic and clever Fast Forward in which a former trader turned teacher questions his pupils and experts on the subject of the acceleration of time, therefore making us reflect on our own relation to time.
Right after, be touched by Alzheimer’s – A Love Story which is, as the title implies, a beautiful love story.
Then, meet Udai, the adorable and colorful rickshaw driver from Riding Love who will restore your faith in humanity.

If you feel you already saw some good movies, the best is yet to come!