tulasi_apa_pictureThursday, day 6, and once more, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about 2 films. After the screening of Tulasi Apa that is scheduled at 4:26 at Cinema Paradiso, Amiya Patnai, the director, will be live on Skype to discuss her film.

stony_paths_posterAt the outdoor screen, Magali Chirouze, the producer of Stony Paths, will answer your questions after the screening which starts at 9:30 pm. The movie follows Arnaud Khayadjanian in Turkey, in the land of his forefathers who survived the genocide, where he meets people who saved Armenians in 1915.

natural_disorder_posterThere are a few films from the Human Unity category that really caught our attention, and Natural Disorder, playing at 8 pm at Cinema Paradiso is definitely one of them. This captivating film shows us how Jacob Nossell, a young Dane of Korean descent suffering from cerebral palsy is creating a play on the subjects of normality, ability, and the right to live. As the director says it beautifully: “He is too handicapped to be accepted and too normal to accept his destiny”.

At 10 pm, at Cinema Paradiso, don’t miss Asmad, set in a Himalayan village, a short fiction about a young boy weighed down by guilt due to an incident that he feels responsible for.

Only 3 days to go, and more beautiful films…