kinoauroville_inv_250Last Saturday, November 5th, Cinema Paradiso hosted the very first screening of the newly formed Kino Auroville cell.
Kino is a global movement created as a means of providing both amateur and professional filmmakers with a place to create and screen their short-films.

Kino Auroville screening #001 featured 13 short-films with a total duration of 55 minutes. Each film had to be between 30 seconds and 6 minutes and it had to be just made within the preceding month. The results were astonishing – such a variety of genres, styles and contents with surprisingly high quality! The audience of 90+ film enthusiasts who found their way to Cinema Paradiso on this Saturday morning was clearly and audibly impressed.

The next Kino Auroville screening #002 will be on Saturday, December 3rd at 10 am at Cinema Paradiso and everybody is welcome to join in. Make your film now and just bring it to the screening. These are the requirements:

Kino films

  • have to be between 30 seconds and 6 minutes
  • should not be an advertisement or fundraising video etc.
  • should have ‘Kino Auroville’ (text or logo) at beginning or end
  • should have been made within one month before the screening
  • should not have been screened before (including online)
  • should be presented at the monthly screening by the filmmaker in person

contact us for any questions or to sign up for our e-mailing list: kino [at]

watch some of the monthly Kino films here:

Do well with nothing. Do better with little. But do it now!

Christoph, Fred & Tom

Kino Auroville is a project under MMC / Cinema Paradiso, a City Service of Auroville