s6c_0639Kino Auroville had it’s second screening at Cinema Paradiso last Saturday. A total number of 8 recently made short-films were brought to the theatre and screened to an audience of 50+. Find some of the monthly Kino Auroville shorts here:


See below photos taken be Marco Saroldi.

The next Kino Auroville screening will be Saturday, January 7th, 2017 at 10 am. Every first Saturday morning of the month. Please spread the word and get your short-films ready!

Do well with nothing. Do better with little. But do it now!

Kino Auroville’s set of rules:

Our monthly Kino films
– have to be under 6 minutes
– should not be an advertisement or fundraising video etc.
– should have ‘Kino Auroville’ (text or logo) at beginning or end
– should have been made within one month before the screening
– should not have been screened before (including online)
– should be presented at the monthly screening by the filmmaker in person