Performing on stage gives one a very different perspective on the whole experience of Auroville’s film festival. From stage I could see … absolutely nothing. The lights were too bright. All else was complete darkness. But what I could experience was another of the joys that Auroville can bring. I was joined on stage by the wonderful German saxophonist Gottfried Klier, and we had a truly wonderful time playing together. As another blogger on this site put it, at this festival, Auroville meets the world and the world meets Auroville. Gottfried is a guest in Auroville, and his passion for music has driven him to collaborate with several Aurovilian musicians over the last week, including Tripp & Company last night. It was a real privilege to be able to meet and play with this great musician, and it was all possible thanks to the Film Festival itself, and the tireless efforts of the event organizers. As a performer, one becomes acutely aware of just how much work goes into putting on an event like this, and it is truly humbling. Professional sound engineers and stage managers sound and light crews have given their time and knowledge freely, and without them this event simply could not happen. Huge, heartfelt thanks to each and everyone involved.