Auroville Film Festival 2022

January 18-23, 2022

The 2022 Auroville Film Festival will be an online edition. This allows us to continue enjoying great movies, while reaching the many people who cannot travel to Auroville during the pandemic.

This year we feature films in two categories. The international category of films that develop the theme of human unity contains 35 films from 18 different countries. The Aurovilians category has 36 films from 14 Aurovilians and residents of the bioregion, including one student. These give a taste of the creative life in the Auroville area.

As of January 2022, the world has been living with the new Covid reality for nearly two years. At times it seemed like we could still hold a physical event at Town Hall as in previous years, but the new Omicron wave, and resulting lockdown restrictions, have made a physical event impossible.

Thanks to the financial support of AVI-USA we have partnered with Shift72, a major online film festival platform, to bring the event online at As in previous years, all films are completely free. Most films in the human unity category, and all those made by Aurovilians and bioregion residents, can be accessed from around the world. The works of those creators who have not given worldwide streaming permission, are only available within India.

How to use the Shift72 platform:

1. Go to

2. Click “Create Account” on top right and enter email and password (only need to do this once, subsequently click “Log In“))

3. Choose the film(s) you want to watch and click “Buy $0.00” for each film

4. All “bought” films appear in your Library (top right, under your account symbol)

5. All films will only be available to watch from January 18 onwards.

6. You can “buy” films until January 23.

7. Once you “bought” films and they appear in your library you have time until February 8 to watch them.

Music Events

The Auroville musicians have always supported the Auroville Film Festival, creating the vibrant ambience that our audiences loved in every edition. This year, respecting lockdown protocols, live music will be streamed online from Auroville every day of the festival from 18.30 to 20.00 IST.

Look for us on FB and Instagram for the latest information about the films, interviews with the filmmakers, the daily line-up of musicians and live concert streaming links.

For further information, contact:

aurovillefilmfestival [at]

c/o MMC/Cinema Paradiso (A City Service of Auroville), Town Hall, Auroville, TN 605010, India