Art Installations:


‘Rainbow Stream’ is a team work of Atul, Minsun, Sunmi, Shine, Patricia, Hu, and Ok

OK (Lee Ok Jeong)
ok_200I like to create Something from Nothing. RECYCLING; using waste, in COOPERATION with local village women. Starting from the WISH to save our Earth. UP CYCLING; creating a higher value through design and quality for longer-lasting products. LITTER FREE; our work waste get eaten up by a hungry litter free elephant.
Rainbow Stream. Movies are in our life. Our lives are in Movies. They are becoming a rainbow stream. In days and nights; with my consciousness and without my consciousness; I start a rainbow stream of DVDs, finding a balance in my life. Enjoy the curves and rainbows shining . . .




auroson_01AUROSON “Earlier this year in Japan, I walked this path up a mountain that winds through a succession of thousands of orange gates, the embrace of shifting light, space and color was powerful and transformative. Searching for that while including the constraints of the film festival: “we have no money”, I will try to couple the most authentic cheap materiel of Auroville – Keet – with the above elements.”








Universal Eye

The Universal Eye has an hanging shaped like an eye in center. It looks deep into the horizon and holds the
Matrimandir Globe at the center as its eyeball. Below it is what is envisioned as the Solar System and its nine
planets. The Matrimandir is the 10th planet in the distance. In the corners of the installation are harmonious wood
structures, shaped like a wave. There are three more wooden eyes on the ground.

Credits: Uttara, Manasi, Misba, Edison, Aura, Archana











Over the last 20 years, I have been exploring the endless labyrinth of recycling and up-cycling arts and crafts.
I am a co-founder of the project. WELL stands for “Women’s Empowerment through Local Livelihood”.

The Unity Bird is made of Papier Mache, using waste materials like recycled newspaper, old plastic and plumbing tubes, and discarded metal and glass.
The creation of the bird evolved over a period of a few years and was connected to my personal experiences during those years.
Like in life, the most challenging part was to find the balance of the bird.
By using different techniques (pulp, coiling, layering) to mold the materials, and many colors and evolving patterns, this bird symbolizes for me the beauty in unity, a melding together of diverse elements to unify into a new, beautiful creation in itself.