Meet our six judges, three for the first three categories and three for the Human Unity category:

Judges for the Auroville categories:

Aanchal Kapur

aanchalThe Kriti Film Club initiated by Aanchal Kapur in 1999 has made documentary viewing and sharing an important part of Delhi’s alternative cinema scene as well as in other parts of the country. She has been at the forefront of organizing issue based film screenings for a range of collectives, organistions and students to engage them with socially relevant and thought provoking cinema. In recent years, she has also been nominating several films for national and international film festivals and curating issue based film events on peace, environment, violence against women and rights of women, mental health, natural child birth, etc along with performing arts based expressions – with the objective of engaging the public with such issues. Over 60 documentary films and organizations are partners of the Kriti Film Club and the dissemination wing distributes over 700 documentary films. Facebook: Kriti team



balasaravananBalasaravanan holds a post-graduate and doctorate degree in Drama and Theatre Arts. He is a recipient of the Chaman Lal Memorial Award for Excellence in Stage Lighting Design (2010). At present he is working as an Assistant Professor in the department of Electronic Media and Mass Communication, Pondicherry University. He has more than 15 years experience as a professional video editor and his films have participated in national and international film festivals.





Franck Apprederis

franckFranck Apprederis is a French film director. He has directed more than 50 films for television and cinema. Three of them have been presented in Auroville by the Pavillon de France. He lives in Paris and in his house at Bommayarpalayam.







Judges for the Human Unity Category:

Daniel Wachsmann

DanielWachsmannDaniel Wachsmann has written, produced and directed feature films, documentaries and television dramas. These have been screened and have won awards at many international film festivals.







kaarthikeyanKaarthikeyan is an alumnus of the Film & TV Institute of India, where he studied Film Direction, graduating in 1991. In 1994, he graduated from the FEMIS, Paris, with Cinematography, as the core focus of his studies. From end 1994 to 2008, he worked as an Executive Producer for several feature films, many of them, in collaboration with French Production companies. He is most known for the feature film, ‘Hanuman’, starring Tabu, co-produced by him, with the French companies, Gaumont and Boreales. At this point, he is exploring what it means to move, without moving, with his Teacher, Marco Feira, in Auroville. It’s something that takes up most of his time! You could get a glimpse of his artistic self, on his website,





suryaSurya, from France, joined Auroville in 1987 for the beauty and uniqueness of the Mother’s “project”. From that time on she has been working mostly with film research, film screenings, film making… in a spirit of learning and sharing about humanity, and ways to change this human nature and condition.