handmade_radio_soundscapeLast week-end nine people from Auroville participated to an original workshop in CRIPA. They call it handmade radio art. This workshop has been proposed by three sound artists from France (Elisabeth Gilly, Hélène Coeur and Chloé Sanchez) who monthly produce this kind of radio program on Radio Campus Paris (France) and call it: “La radio cousue main”. They proposed to go back to the early radio days when there were no recording or editing, where all speakers, journalist, actor, or buzzer were around one mono microphone and everything was live. In this workshop participants were introduced to the principles of Handmade Radio, with exercises that explore distance to the microphone by using only voices and bodies. After that, participants were invited to create a radio program for a live performance. The event was set as a radio form meaning that the audience couldn’t see the performer but only hear them through speakers. From a hidden space participants were performing live their own compositions by using handmade radio techniques.

They produced a special 10-minute soundscape for the Auroville Film Festival. Listen here:

AVFF radio soundscape Play

Also listen to Hand Made Radio Experience on Auroville Radio.