LiveAcoustic_square_lowMore programs are coming out. Here is the schedule for all live music performances happening during the festival, all around Town Hall.

Find more information about the performing musicians below.



Some of the musicians at the shamiana:

Anna Taj & Rolf
AnnaTaj_RolfAnna Taj lives in Auroville and is the singer in her own Rock band performing frequently in Auroville and Pondicherry. She released her first solo album “Golden Heart” in 2012 having written all the songs herself. Anna also works as caretaker of the Kalabhumi Music Studio in Auroville and is active in various music projects.
Accompanied by Rolf on guitar Anna will sing a set of her own compositions as well as some jazz-standards including those with Italian lyrics.
Playing on: 18th Sept. ‘13


Aloe & Tara
aloetaraAuroville children and friends Aloe (13) and Tara (13) were born just a few days apart in the same month of the same year, both study in Last School in Auroville, both sing in Nuria’s choir at CRIPA, Kalabhumi and both are also growing up to be beautiful singers to watch out for! The one difference between them is that Aloe plays the piano and Tara plays guitar!
Although they have been inspired by singing stars of the day and age, it does come as a surprise to find that their repertoire includes songs by Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Beatles, Cyndi Lauper and Nat King Cole to name a few.
Aloe and Tara will be accompanied on guitar by Martin.


anunglaAnungla took a chance trip to Auroville planning to stay for only a couple of months…and has not left since she arrived in 2009. Although she spends most of her time exploring her personal writing, she has been involved in the Integral Music Education project initiated by Aurelio of Svaram and also recorded a cd in 2011 with Holger at Sunshine Music Studio (unreleased as yet).


Joska de Langen
joskaJoska (23) is once more back in Auroville from the Netherlands. On his current journey he is spending the major part of his time playing music and doing research in (psycho-) acoustics at Svaram Musical Instruments and Research Station, aiming to get a deeper understanding of music, and of sound in general. Joska likes to improvise playing several different instruments including the Bansuri (bamboo flute) and guitar.











Pinco Pallino
pincoPinco Pallino is a trained percussionist of the Vatican Monophonic Philanthropic Orchestra hailing from South Dakota in Mondragone. He has played with the Tortuous Stuorts before the suicidal of the great Japanese bassist Moto Sono Yo. Pinco stopped playing for several years and went into professional car washing at first where he studied and learned about different sound noises and their effect on the human mood. Later he joined an organic farming movement where in different farms he could observe the sounds of cows and the various reactions on plants. He then played the bells for several years at the Roman Conservatory where he regained the self confidence to play live. He now lives in Auroville offering spontaneous jams which he refers to as Spontaneous Local Organic Jams of the Music Link.
Playing on: 19th Sept. ‘13


Rolf & Francois
rolf_francoisRolf has been in Auroville since 1996 and is active in various local music groups. Living in Felicity community, he plays guitar and bass and teaches both instruments.
Francois came recently to Auroville and is living in Fertile community. He plays the violin, clarinet and guitar. During his travels in Israel and East-European countries he studied Klezmer and Balkan folk music.
Rolf and Francois will perform a set of popular songs in the styles of traditional Balkan and Gypsy music.
Playing on: 20th Sept. ‘13


suryanSuryan has been singing since a very young age and is today one of the well-known voices to have emerged out of Auroville. He has written many songs of his own and has played with numerous musicians in duo/trio/band set-ups. Besides his love for music Suryan also works for the Auroville Eco-Service and manages a guesthouse. Nowadays, he mostly performs solo, playing an eclectic mix of covers and originals.
Playing on: 21st Sept. ‘13