AVFF2015_awards_feature1These are the films that the jury and the audience of the Auroville Film Festival 2015 chose to honour with awards. All of them will be screened again at Cinema Paradiso soon.










Films made by Aurovilians, by residents of the bioregion, and by guests

AVFF2015_byAVians_jury_whiteJury Award: SWITCH OFF
Director, Camera, Editor: Susnata Paul
Production: Auroville Consulting, Ford Foundation
Producer: Auroville Consulting
Script: Martin Scherfler, Susnata Paul
Sound/Music: Susnata Paul, Vimal Bhojraj
Additional Crew: Vimal Bhojraj, Ajay Tiwari, Shilpa Das


AVFF2015_byAVians_wisdom_whiteWisdom Award: INDIA’S DISAPPEARING BEACHES – A WAKE UP CALL
Director, Script, Producer: Shekar Dattatri
Editor: K. Ramnath Chandrasekhar
Camera: Nicolas Chorier, Ramnath Chandrasekhar and others
Sound/Music: No Live Sound Recording
Production Company: PondyCAN


AVFF2015_byAVians_CP_whiteCinema Paradiso Award: SAMA-BHAVA (EMPATHY)
Director, Script, Editor, Sound/Music: Mithran A
Producer: Mithran, Barath
Camera: Gopi Vijay
Cast: Bharath, Vettri, Vinoth



Films made about Auroville

AVFF2015_aboutAV_jury_whiteJury Award: TWO FEET TO FLY
Director: Akshay Shankar, Pavitra Chalam
Script: Kalpana Komal
Producer: India Amateur Runner’s Trust, In The Brilliant White
Editor: Jyolsna Panicker
Camera: Xavier Santhosh, Sujit Anand
Sound/Music: Jamie D’Silva



AVFF2015_aboutAV_wisdom_whiteWisdom Award: AUROVILLE, THE CITY THE EARTH NEEDS
Director, Editor, Camera, Sound/Music: Olivier Barot
Script: Christine Devin, Olivier Barot
Producer: Visitors Centre, Olivier Barot



AVFF2015_aboutAV_CP_whiteCinema Paradiso Award: NARRATIVES… THE OBJECT OF ART
Director, Script: Masoom Gandhi
Producer: Adil Writer
Editor: Saumya Sharma, Arjun T. Bhardwaj
Camera: Sunayana Singh
Sound/Music: Vasuda Sharma, Sankarshan Kini, Vinit D’Souza
Also Starring: Audrey Wallace-Taylor
Post-Production Supervisor: Bhupesh Micky Sharma
Post-Sound Studio: Auralmayhem
Associate Director: Madhav Raj Saraogi
Production Head: Anahita Irani
Sound Editor: Rukmajit Baruah
Sound Recordist: Vivek Anandhan
Additional Video Footage: Umeed Mistry
Additional Sound: Aurelio, Swaram, Auroville



Films made by students of Auroville and the bio-region

Director, Script, Editor, Camera: Masha, Antonio
Producer: Last School
Sound/Music: Masha, Antonio, Aloé



AVFF2015_students_wisdom_whiteWisdom Award: KOTTAKARAI CYCLE RACE
Director, Script: Udhayam Educational & Cultural Center
Producer, Editor, Camera, Sound/Music: AVFF-EOP



AVFF2015_students_CP_whiteCinema Paradiso Award: THE ART OF FREE PROGRESS
Director: Bhavyo, Masha, Ahilya
Script, Camera, Sound/Music: Bhavyo, Ahilya
Producer: Last School
Editor: Bhavyo, Masha



AVFF2015_students_Mongbra_whiteMONGBRA Award: KOTTAKARAI CYCLE RACE
Director, Script: Udhayam Educational & Cultural Center
Producer, Editor, Camera, Sound/Music: AVFF-EOP






Films that develop the theme of human unity

AVFF2015_HumanUnity_jury_whiteJury Award: GIRL RISING
Director: Richard E Robbins
Script: Marie Arana, Edwidge Danticat, Mona El-Tahawy, Aminatta Forna, Zari Kargar, Maaza Mengiste, Sooni Taraporevala, Manjushree Thapa, Loung Ung, Richard E Robbins
Producer: Tom Yellin, Holly Gordon, Martha Adams
Editor: Gillian Mccarthy
Camera: Islam Abdelsamie (Egypt), Adam Beckman (Nepal), David Morrison (Cambodia), Gina Nemirofsky (Sierra Leone), Michael Ozier (Afghanistan), Felipe Perez-Burchard (Peru), Kiran Reddy (India), Richard E. Robbins (Sierra Leone), Nicole Whitaker (Egypt, Ethiopia, Haiti)
Sound: Katy Wood, Mitch Osias, Polly Mckinnon, Christopher S. Aud, Suhail Kafity
Cast, Voice Talent: Cate Blanchett, Priyanka Chopra, Selena Gomez, Anne Hathaway, Salma Hayek, Alicia Keys, Liam Neeson, Chloë Moretz, Meryl Streep, Kerry Washington

The film, in a number of clever and playful ways, shows the backward condition of millions of women in the world and emphasizes the many ways in which groups,foundations, institutions, businesses are coming forward to offer assistance through promoting education as a means of empowerment. The stories of the girls were told by local writers and producers.


AVFF2015_HumanUnity_jury_whiteJury Award: EVERYDAY REBELLION
Director, Script: The Riahi Brothers
Producer: Arash T. Riahi
Editor: Nela Märki, David Arno Schwaiger
Camera: Mario Minichmayr, Arash & Arman T. Riahi, Dominik Spritzendorfer
Sound: Atanas Tcholakov, Abe Dolinger, Hjalti Bager-Jonathansson, William Franck

The film showed us how the method of non-violence can be adopted from country to country and produce results. An effective strategy against injustice. It didn’t spare the pain and difficulties of this method, either. But it was very inspiring to see so many activists around the world bringing change and spreading a global awareness. A great, global effort.


AVFF2015_HumanUnity_wisdom_whiteWisdom Award: HIMSELF HE COOKS
Director, Camera: Berteau, Witjes
Script, Producer: Berteau Valérie
Editor: Arazi
Sound: Schuremans
Cast: Eygenraam

Beautiful images featuring the arduous task of feeding thousands in a respectful, concentrated and caring way by people of different backgrounds, religions, castes, races. It’s a great example of Human Unity in selfless action. Without one word of dialogue!


Director, Camera, Sound: Philippe Borrel
Script: Philippe Borrel, Based on an original idea by Noël Mamère
Producer: Fabienne Servan Schreiber, Estelle Mauriac
Editor: Marion Chataing

The film showed us eloquently, in a simple but beautifully narrated way, how people can participate in alternative economic experiments, taking the future in their hands., . What people can do together in their daily lives in order to be part of the solution.